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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Benares Yearbook, Community, and whiners...

******************************Where we come from****************************


I did write a post some days ago that I never got around to doing anything with since a few other ideas seemed a little more important {as if any of this is important!}. The post was to start out about my trials and tribulations with the yearbook I do every year for Benares. This year I think I finally made something reasonably professional looking... down to about thirty page turns... partners on facing pages... text on each page to identify who or what it was. Obviously I am very proud of the book, I know from comments over the years that many see it as just one more facet of our community. BTW, IM me in world if you'ed like a free copy of yearbook.

Speaking of community... I have had a few residents shuffle parcels recently. The ability to do that easily is enhanced by the way Benares "sells" parcels for zero, that allows residents land owner controls... one can leave at any time without trying to sell their land before tier eats it's value, and it saves me policing prims.

Other news... Smithy returned after a few months absence, two new women have joined us... Bonnie and Trinity... and a few have changed their houses around. One thing that does seem to return often... that's those that want to tell me that my prices are too high, and/or our prims are too low. When I first started Benares I went for a long enough time that I almost believed that. Keep in mind that I was one of that group in early 2008 that experienced The Benevolent Monarchy's bait and switch, they raised island prices from 1000USD to 1695USD......and a couple months later went back to 1000. [And no they didn't refund the additional money] I persevered, Benares cost me nearly six thousand dollars that first year... but I have stayed and our prices remained. My comment to all those that complain is, "You can buy pixel sand anywhere... we have a community"... just before I tell them goodbye. =^..^=

I love what I have had a part in creating...

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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