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Friday, January 7, 2011

Time... It isn't a sacrifice is it?

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Regular readers of this blog know I love Secondlife. Coming up on four years here I'm more in love with this world than I was at year one. I've owned an eighth of a private island... a quarter of a mainland region, and for the last three years an estate of my own that now includes two homesteads.... I have invested in Secondlife. In this last year or so we have seen a dramatic shift in the direction that Secondlife seems to be heading. From a walled garden where either very bright people or very stubborn ones came and learned this world, and how to create content, to one where we seem to be headed to a fast, easy, fun direction... more of a three D chatroom setting where low end equipment can rule. One of the complaints over the years has been that Secondlife runs best on high end equipment.

The Secondlife I love will never be easy.. or fast. It can be a complicated world at first, with a new user retention of around fifteen percent. I know there's a way to improve that retention rate, and I can prove it. To improve that rate will entail what many, if not most older residents will see as sacrifice. They likely perceive time as a sacrifice. Taking time to actively contact new avatars, taking the time to answer their questions, taking time to show the new people how our world works. For me the time I've taken with new people has never been seen as a sacrifice.. I have always seen it as my contribution to our world.

As far as my statement about proving it? I could today provide a list of people that will tell you that the reason they have remained in Secondlife...sometimes for years.... is because I, or another like me took that time.

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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  1. My Apology to the reader from Hamilton, Ohio for the misspelling of your cities name yesterday.
    Obviously one can't sleep at the keyboard and edit well =^..^=