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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is "Live Music" here in Secondlife?-part two

More about the live music scene....or, part two.

Just to make it easy...first a comment from a musician posted yesterday to part one , bornagainpagans said... "Ah yes, the 'live' versus 'karaoke' thing. Pops up a couple of times a year, usually combined with all kinds of silly ideas to make music a profitable business in SL. Dust in the wind, that's what it is. Music, as well as running a venue for that matter, will never be profitable in SL. And as far as the live/karaoke thing is concerned: the music fans in SL couldn't care less. They just want to be entertained - for the most part by tunes they can sing along with. The SL music scene is a lot like the RL music scene. Including all the egotripping about who's better than who.Personally, I'm very happy with the couple of venues and artists that have a nice vibe to groove along with."

Now Leogans article in Scruples Magazine:

DON'T CALL IT KARAOKE by Loegan Magic The Second Life music scene is an ever changing component to to an already complex virtual world, filled with it's own politics and unwritten rules. It has become a thriving independent global music scene unaltered by the corporations that have pretty much gobbled up the airways and watered down the music being put out in the “real world”. Sure some of it is pretty amateurish, but even that has it's charm. What's better then then a kindergarten teacher by day who is a SL rock star by night? The musicians here are all on various levels, some are just having fun, some are trying to make it big, and some are just playing for a much needed outlet or release. Whatever the reason, Secondlife is full of music and we the fans have tons of choices. I have been involved in this scene on various levels for almost two years now and I've seen a lot (keep in mind SL years are like dog years). Most of what I've seen has been good, some of it wondrous and amazing and yes some of it not so good. I have met a lot of great people, venue owners, musicians, managers and fans. However, one aspect has troubled me, and that is the blatant disrespect, by some in the scene, for singers who use tracks. For those of you who don't know, “track singers” use pre-recorded music to sing live to. This has labeled them by some as Karaoke singers or being dismissed as not live music. I disagree. Even the term track singer, I have an issue with; why don't we use the term vocalist? First off karaoke is an activity. You go to karaoke with your friends to drink and have a good time. And getting up in front of your friends in a supportive environment and singing badly is just that - fun. If you don't believe me ask yourself what happens when the one person in the room that can sing gets up and does it? No one wants to follow them, its no longer fun. It is completely different than listening to a trained professional singer putting on a show and entertaining a crowd. Now, does that mean that there are people using tracks who can't sing and should not be labeled vocalists – yes it sure does and a lot of them. Does that mean they shouldn't sing – no! It means I might not book them at my venue or go see their next show, but that is the great thing about Second Life music, someone else will. The point is, I can think of countless people who strum guitars and sing that aren't any better. Does that mean I dismiss everyone who strums a guitar – no. So why are we dismissing everyone who uses tracks? The truth is some music can not be reproduced with just a guitar or a piano. So why limit the music in second life to someone playing one instrument? Many track singers sing jazz, blues, soul, funk and more, giving a much needed kick to a music scene saturated with people strumming guitars. I welcome the variety. Now most fans don't care, they just want to hear good music and be entertained, it's mostly other musicians, venue owners, and managers, that have issue. It just seems sad to me to declare, that you only have 100% life music at your venue when what you are really saying is we don't let people sing with tracks here. As a venue owner I want the best, most talented people I can find. Personally, I don't care if you are banging on a bucket, scratching a record, or strumming a is art and good art should be seen and heard. Music is an art form and I can't think of another art form that I would dismiss due to the tools used. Singing is actually the most pure form of music I can think of and while we all do it, it doesn't mean we do it well (or should). So if someone is using a pre recorded track it doesn't matter to me as long as they are singing well over it. I've heard some amazing vocalists in second life, trained professional singers with successful real life music careers that should not be missed. And to not book them because they don't strum a guitar seems absurd to me. Second Life is an amazing place, it is literally what we make it. Just think how music will be experienced twenty or even ten years from now in whatever Secondlife will evolve to. We are experiencing something that is in its infancy and we are the ones who will say, "remember when". So if you are a musician, venue, owner, manager, or fan who dismisses vocalists who use tracks in second life, I urge you to reconsider. We are all in this together, pioneers in a new world, but whatever world you are in, real or virtual, one thing that does not change is talent... talent is talent. So open your ears and mind to some amazing music, you might be surprised what you discover. ***************************************************************************** For what it's worth And so it goes My love to you all, brinda

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