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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Courtesy..& Is It OK Too Be Wrong, Even About 2.0

*****************************Where we come from***************************** **************************************************************************** I saw some postings by Iris Ophelia on New World Notes today concerning what is best described as common courtesy. If you are over say forty... or your parents are/were like mine you understand that Voltaire was correct when he reportedly said that common sense is an uncommon virtue. Courtesy is primarily common sense mixed with a few specifics and sadly lacking in all worlds... and really lacking in Secondlife. You can read what Ms. Ophelia has to say or drop by any welcome area or most info hubs in our virtual world. Courtesy is a lubricant for good social interaction, courtesy is one of the several things that differentiate humans from our lower life form companions on this planet. I try very hard to always spell out thank you and you're welcome, as well as limit my use of Internet shorthand when around those that perhaps aren't English first speakers... just seemed like common courtesy to me. OK... Viewer 2.ought oh. and no, I'm not done about it. As one of the older members of Secondlife I realise that much of what I think as well as how I act comes from both life experiences as well as parental actions. One of the precious things I have learned in life is an ability to acknowledge when I'm wrong. Two days ago I met Yallaby, she was three days old and standing kinda off to one side of and infohub. I've learned to recognise that particular situation... it so often means a new account is confused and close to logging off permanently. After a few minutes conversation with Yallaby she confided that she was frustrated with her viewer... {yup, 2.ought oh...} cause she wasn't able to find out how to do things. I offered her a link to the Secondlife wiki page where both 1.23.5 as well as all the Third Party Viewers are listed.... a few minutes later her response? Why isn't this the regular viewer? Assuming The Benevolent Monarchy is staffed by adults, one wonders why they don't offer both viewers and do a survey of nooblets as to which viewer they find easier... after all the original premise of 2.ought oh was it would aid the 15% retention rate for new users... or would allowing that choice force said Monarchy to admit 2.ought oh was a mistake? Please guys... grow up! And so it goes My love to all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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