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Monday, January 10, 2011

Was the Money Right?

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Honest..I've not been flaking off here. After working three graveyard shifts in a row..........and sleeping twenty hours today I will post stuff I wrote while at work a day or so ago.

The thing about publicly owned companies is that their balance sheets are available for inspection. Now I'm sure there are creative ways to massage the bottom line in a public company but at least one can get a feeling for a companies viability, whereas with a privately owned company such as Linden Lab we can only go by what they choose to tell us. If memory serves me right, Phillip Rosedale has indicated that Linden Lab showed a profit of 78 million dollars last year and that the company was healthy. OK, assuming those figures to be correct... I'm very interested in why the company fired 100 employees a few months ago.What were those employees working on? What kind of hold does the company have on those former workers that we don't hear what they were working on? No leaks? I'm surprised... loyalty rarely exceeds the Andy Warhol thing about everyone's famous for 15 minutes......unless the moneys right.

Many years ago a loan shark friend of mine told me that one cannot say what they will or will not do until it's 3 am in a very private place and there's just you, one other person, a case with 10 kilos of one hundred dollar bills ($1 million)...........and no one is going to know. Then you choose. Has The Benevolent Monarchy offered enough money for total silence? And if so... why? Just asking.

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  1. He must have meant Seventy million since it began. That much in one year would be impossible unless he really meant income not profit.