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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Intensity of Virtual Worlds...

******************************Where we come from************************** **************************************************************************** I love Secondlife... No matter how much I may whine, rant, and rave.... I love this virtual world. I believe I will stay until they turn off the last server. But for now, the single things that Secondlife has going for it that allows it to beat it's closest competitor is its size, age, and diversity. I'm sure it won't always be this way.... Inworldz is growing so fast, and there are so many of us that have taken our social contacts along with us. My first impression of Inworldz was its incredible friendliness.... when the creator of a virtual world is standing there to greet you as you first log on that says a lot.... both about the size of the world as well as the prevailing attitude.

The intensity of virtual worlds both entices as well as confounds us. New people tend to have a difficult time finding a passion that will allow then to remain long term, after all there is only so much time one can stand at a welcome area and chat.

I want to say that three years ago when I bought the island I named Benares I knew what I was creating..... I didn't have a clue. What has happened is beyond any dream I ever saw... In this past month I have seen a woman thats new to Secondlife create a house and buy her first land. I have had a couple of former residents return {with over 30,000 regions that alone tells me we are doing something right}. I have watched people willing to change a bit of land to make it a little easier on another. And of course just yesterday I saw the outpouring of love for one of our own that is suffering the loss of a parent. Before work last evening I logged on briefly just in time to see two more of my friends standing at a makeshift memorial where people are coming and leaving cards and flowers. I will paraphrase what one said so directly, In our community no one has to carry a heavy burden alone.

That's how it should be....

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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  1. i loved SL very, very much (i must have, i had 19 sims!) and even though i am now in OpenSim, i applaud your openness to share the same kind of joy i find every day in virtual worlds

    and so cool that you say namaste, i say that often with the full meaning of it in my breath

    namas te indeed =)