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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not Gone... We just don't recognise them.

******************************This is Where I come from********************* ******************************************************************************** Today just before noon slt I received a note from a real life friend of one of my residents...Raven. The note informed me that Ravens Mother passed away this morning. Her Mother was of and advanced age and Raven had been taking care of her for several years. While my spiritual path has made death a very different affair for me... I do understand the sadness death does bring to all of us. It has been a chilly day (for southern California) with a wind that blew all day yesterday so today was super clear and after I saw the news about Ravens mother I drove the four blocks to the beach. That is where I find many of my answers. I believe that we, as souls, don't leave... we return and it's just a case of our not recognising and old friend when we see them. As I walked out on the Imperial Beach pier looking at the setting sun, look at who I found sitting there. This image was not taken with a zoom lens.... this gull almost allowed me to touch her.

Do I know this sentient being? I don't know... I can tell you we stood there looking at one another for a long time. She was still sitting there when I left.

Raven will be OK... I will be gentle with her next we meet and I will think about her during these next few days while she does what her culture requires.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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