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Friday, December 10, 2010

No police car? Bad behaviour...

******************************Where we come from****************************** ****************************************************************************

Things that make me wonder...

Somewhere in my educational past I had a year of Latin... as I suspect you know, Latin is the basis for what are called the Romance languages, French Italian Spanish English et al... and perhaps all I really learned in that class was that most any current thought could be stated in Latin. Now I've long since forgotten most all of that class, but yesterday something occurred that brought me back to those days. There is a way to say in that dear dead language, 'Where there is no police car, there is no speed limit'. I'm thinking of the things that are often done and said in Secondlife that I doubt the same people would do or say face to face.

IE: "Hey! Hi there... whatcha doin". my response, Hello...just exploring. "Cool... TP me, it's cool". me, Excuse me? I had to use radar to find that guy, he was fairly new and suddenly got very silent. I've been here way too long to be ordered around... and in my other life I'm way too old to be ordered around. I attempt to be polite in all my lives and I guess I can get pretty short with those that can't/won't return that behavior. Where there's no etc.....Where there is no repercussion for bad behavior... bad behavior will flourish. A dear friend of mine is slowly learning that it's possible to be too polite as well. There will always be those that mistake kindness for weakness. (and there must be a way to say that in Latin!)

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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