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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why won't the old help the new?

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I'm on a break between Secondlife loggin sessions... and having time off from my other job until tomorrow evening graveyard shift it's a good time to catch up here.

I've been hoping to see Bubbles one day this week, she's been in the UK for a bit with family. Lala my Secondlife daughter did show up this morning {evening in her native Romania}... funny how things work... she professes to dislike "noobs" here and yet has been teaching kids as a part of her college program. Lala really doesn't dislike...she's just young and has the impatience of youth. I suppose we will be inundated with holiday decorations again... one holiday I ended up with 6 prims left. Not 60... not 600... not 6000... 6! {Makes ya wonder where the heck did 15,000 go!}

A big part of today was spent doing what I love most here in world. Our islands newest person is kain... kain is so very sharp, she has had some experience on line and just seems to catch on quickly when ever something is explained. And that's what I meant when I say I was doing what is a passion here. My friends here would have to speak for themselves... but I have had more than one tell me that personal help is why they remained in Secondlife. It's a horse we have beaten too often...I'm talking about the ongoing problem with Secondlife new user retention. At the risk of redundancy...Secondlife as we know it will never be easy. Period. Stop. Finish.

But. What if? What if all of us were to go out once in every loggin and spend just a few minutes with someone new? Having done a lot of that.. a few minutes can seem like an eternity with some, some don't want any help, some will be flat rude or act stupid. But every now and then we would find someone that will repay our few minutes by helping another new person. Would that make Secondlife a better, more friendly, and eventually a more profitable place? I still dream.

There has always been one place in Secondlife that is the absolute worst place for new people. Or at least there is a class of places that are very unfriendly for new people... welcome areas and info hubs. The really great thing about Secondlife is that one can do or be pretty much anything we choose. When I look around and remember that everything I see has been created by us here in world... I often wonder why so many never seem to move from their "special places" at those welcome areas or info hubs. The sad thing is that often those same people are the ones that tease, make fun of, and end up driving off that next creative genius.

I will continue to dream... and to do what I can, one nooblet at a time =^..^=

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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