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Monday, December 27, 2010


******************************Where we come from***************************** ***************************************************************************
It is rare that more than a couple of days go by without a post but I have had some 'other life' work going on and this time of year hasn't been a great time of enjoyment for me for a very long time. I volunteered to work on the holiday so my coworkers who have family gatherings could enjoy that time together. I don't want to convey a message of self sacrifice at all.... my family is here in Secondlife today and it was just a nice way for all to have what they needed.

I did have a bit of time to reflect on where this past year has taken not only myself... but several of those here in Secondlife. We had a couple of residents pass that had made significant contributions to Secondlife... Delinda Dyrssen and Adric Antfarm... I'm sure with the millions of us there are many others that were members of your Secondlife family that you miss as well.

Benares has seen some leave, some return, and some new faces. I started to do a list and figured out that sure as heck I would leave someone no list!

In the coming days I do want to chat about the newest CEO at the lab as well what some of the current residents are doing. For now I want to leave you with a couple of videos that I had posted before... but when I looked at them yesterday.........they still speak to me.

First is Hooqiqi Luik's, "There Was a Boat". A line from and interview he did on New World Notes: "At first I thought it would be a crazy party, dancing in the fire and laughing on the chaos. But, at the moment I saw the hurting boat falling apart, sinking... tears filled up in my eyes. It was the moment the truth unfolded: it's real. My tears were real, the pain is real, the love is real, and our passion for life is real." "The boat kept burning for a month before it disappeared under water." "We always have to leave the past behind, keep moving on while carrying everything inside us, but keep moving on."


Another moving machinama is the one following from Sam Lowery, it says so much about where Secondlife has come from... and where it still can go. ************************* While I'm not always successful, I try to keep in mind that I need to be kind because everyone is carrying a load that perhaps I couldn't handle.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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