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Monday, December 6, 2010

More about communities...

******************************Where we come from****************************** ****************************************************************************

The Secondlife Blogosphere... I didn't read much that was written about Secondlife and our Secondlife community my first couple of years here...I think I missed out on a lot.

We have all manner of blogs and bloggers...we have controversial blogs and I know there are people that just refuse to read some of what is written there. We have blog comment "wars"...there are blogs on fashion, informational blogs, personal blogs...I try to read all and remain as neutral as possible.

It always amazes me when a subject seems to come up several times in any one day. I mentioned yesterday that a sense of community is necessary in any life. Here in Secondlife I believe community is the "glue" that keeps us here. Those of us that write blogs are a community. There are those in Secondlife with physical disabilities... and a community that people with those challenges can go to for support. The various role play groups provide a community. When I stopped by my favorite bookstore today... the chatter there was about community. I attended a discussion meeting a bit later in my "other" life and yes, the topic was community. Several of those of us attending have aging parents that are in various stages of dementia due to Alzheimer's... we need to be able to talk to someone that understands what we live. I suspect I'm not alone in talking about Secondlife to other people that haven't tried it...and won't. They look at us as though we've gone off the deep end... they aren't a part of this community. I learned many years ago that to effectively communicate with another sentient being... I had to speak their language. Certainly one criteria is community, a common language. Human beings are "pack animals"... we just don't do well alone. More to come =^..^=

And so it goes

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