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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New CEO... Display names... Tooth Fairy?

******************************Where we come from****************************

**************************************************************************** For a holiday present Linden Lab gave us a new CEO, Mr. Rod Humble. Rather than attempt to comment on the new guys qualifications or past history, I'll leave you with a couple of links.... One from the Lab itself, and the other from New World Notes. Reading those as well as the links they contained.....well, I'm cautiously optimistic. Perhaps the key will be if the money men will allow him enough time, and maybe as important... if he sets a precedent for the rest of the Linden employees and actually spends time in world. You know, you can read all day about digging a ditch and still not understand ditch digging from the standpoint of the guy with a shovel in his hand...................

On another note entirely.... have you gone around to welcome areas and or info hubs lately and taken a look at that fiasco called display names and the number of people with the last name resident. If nothing else, in my three years and eight months here there was one thing that seemed to have added a sense of normalcy... we all had a name. A name seemed to give at least a sense of identity, a permanence. If The Benevolent Monarchy had planned something to ensure that Secondlife had a rapidly changing customer base I'm not sure there's a better way to do it than to just give everyone the same last name. Shades of Brave New World ( I know that's a stretch, but in some ways not). The purported reason given by the Monarchy for the names crap was it would be a way to encourage more new user retention... I called BS on it then... and it's still BS. Think about it.... single names work really well in a chatroom, one shot environment situation. It would seem to be another time that they just continue to treat us as children and pretend they're the tooth fairy, if we are headed for chatroom status...say so.

And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते


  1. It seems to me that SL has two faces. One is a friendly smiling moon that shines over people that get together to do cool things with art and stuff. The other is the bright midday sun in which people are running for their money.

    Naturally, with it being a business, the Lab focuses more and more on the money - it's been quite some time since the website opened with "SL is a virtual world created and owned by its residents".

    Personally, I will simply keep on doing what I've been doing since my first day in this world of wonders: create stuff and cherishing the dear friends I've made over the years.

  2. Yep, I have to agree, in spite of the crap we can still meet up and enjoy each other. The Boys have already lost so much credibility that I think everything they say is BS now.

  3. I read a link about how they were running out of names for users, so by adding Resident, there are millions or billions of new names available.

    I think it sucks. I treasure "legacy" names. If I were Vic Resident, I wouldn't feel so good. But I'm Lenoirre...sounds so much better.