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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Part One of "What I think I see..."

******************************Where we come from***************************** ***************************************************************************** A few things... Kattie was here last weekend, always a joy. It's been 1000 days since I saw her standing on that walkway off a ways from the Morris welcome area. You know, it used to be a lot easier to immerse ones self here in Secondlife... at least when you were new. We all used the same viewer, that made it easy to explain the various "how to's". We all had similar new user experiences... We all started out at a place that was safe and often had live help there. We could spend as long as we felt we needed among others that were just as lost and confused as we were. It was a system that seemed to work... and yes, the retention rate was around 11% just as it is now. Kattie came... found a place among us... found friends. There were a few of the emotional setbacks many of us experience... love affairs that didn't work out... "friends" that had ulterior motives, a lot of those same experiences we have in that other life. But Kattie is a strong independent woman and while those experiences took away a little of the magic of Secondlife, she learned much about herself and others.

Thinking about learning... When I was much younger I found it difficult to understand and/or believe that there were conspiracies in everything. In these last few months I have sat in total amazement at some of what I think I've seen. I say what I think I've seen because what I think I've seen would require either fantastic blind luck... an incredible amount of stupidity... or an unbelievable amount of loyalty. I'm trying to understand the direction that our Secondlife world is heading... a part of what I think I see. If there is any leap of understanding on my part the final key was something I read today.

Of necessity this post is going to end up in more than one installment... my hypothesis is just too strange to set down in one reading, suffice it to say that Prokofy Nevas "Second Thoughts" recent blog post was what made the proverbial light come on. More tomorrow I promise.

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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