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Sunday, December 5, 2010


******************************Where we come from****************************** **************************************************************************** Communities...I will always believe that communities are the heart and soul of Secondlife. One can read Pituca Fairchangs blog and see that early Secondlife residents pretty much all knew one another...Secondlife in the earliest days was a community finding it's way. I have spoken to one of the earlier residents, Effulgent Brown, who likened the early days to being like high school.

Yesterday I received an IM from soror Nishi that Hexxie and Madame of The Born Again Pagans were going to do a show at sorors art exhibit . Soror knows I'm a big fan of Hexxie and I wouldn't want to miss a performance. Along with the music and the art I thought it would be a good time to introduce our new resident kain to another community. She got to meet several of the midbies at the show, people that are some of the preeminent creators, scripters, educators and historians in Secondlife...people I'm so proud to call my friends and fellow bloggers}.

While I don't personally care for much of the role play groups in Secondlife, they are communities and as such those groups provide a means to bring people together. Likewise those people that like to spend much of their in world experience chatting at the welcome areas and infohubs provide a similar service... a community, a place where people feel that they belong. Remember how foreign and lonely the Secondlife world was on those first few days?

I remember those days and I attempt to do for others what was so freely done for me. I hope by doing that I can help to make Secondlife a better experience...I know it improves my experience.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda




  1. yep, a great evening....

    wow, that video takes me back..:))) thx

  2. Just curious Brinda, what don't you like about RP communities?

  3. Hi Caro :-), I've seen some RPers that just seem to be unable to get out of character even when the circumstance would make it discussing a lag problem on a wild west sim. One avie just refused to drop his 1860s RP for even one line.

    The Vampire RPs I just find way too weird...I guess it's OK for some...I was pleased that the Bloodlines group provided the garlic necklaces that stop the "bite" requestes.

    For my feelings on Goreans...take a look at my "picks" on profile inworld.

    BDSM...some can be fun, and everyone has a log off option. But I have seen two situations where people that perhaps weren't as well grounded as most fell into a perceived slavery role that continued into real life. One was driven from Secondlife... another has tried to seriously hurt herself and likely will never return here.. Anything that allows people to hurt themselves..either physically or emotionaly I just find uncomfortable.

    Darn it...this was nearly as long as a blog post wasn't it?

  4. LOL, yes it was long and interesting. My take is that like everything in SL and RL, there is the good and the bad. The bad is usually because people mess it up! Historical rp sims are great, you go back in a time machine and experience how life may have been in a certain time and place. Two great examples, The 1920 Berlin Project, and The Road to Deadwood (which is dying probably because there are not Gypsy pole dancers - such as in the horrible and widely popular Tombstone - go figure, LOL). These historical sims, with a focus on authenticity, can also be a great venue for improv theater where you are both actor and audience. Anyway, thanks for your response. Love always, Caro