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Monday, May 9, 2011

Silence can be a response... Help wanted... & Benares @ Inworldz

*******************************Where we come from**************************
It's rare that I take much time off from this blog, not because I feel bad that those few readers might "miss" this, {contrary to some opinions my ego isn't that big}. It's because this is often where I come to set my thoughts down in print and take a look at where I seem to be mentally and emotionally.
Several things have been going on in both the virtual world... as well as my life in that world where I sleep.
The real life things are really nothing new... life goes on, sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you.
The virtual world where I spend so much time has also had me doing a lot of thinking.
I continue to believe that nothing good comes from posting hate and discontent. Lately I have seen some of my friends denigrated by those posting innuendos and allegations that first seem patently false, and if nothing else totally non factual {lies?}.
Now certainly one "answer" to stuff like that is to just not respond. Silence is a response, silence in effect says that what has been said isn't worth responding to.
So far, I seem to have flown under all radars.... but I suspect that if I were to be attacked, my actions would be a lot closer to what my friend Immy does than to what I preach. Immy will not tolerate lies silently.
Silence may well not be the answer... even though I have yet to see the recent attacker ever ever admit that something isn't their business or that they were wrong. Just sayin'.

I do try to read several of the blogs written concerning Secondlife and specifically those about The Benevolent Monarchy.
Lately I see there have been billing issues.  One of my oldest friends had billing issues I posted about back in early April . I think I just saw something about Mr. Humble, the CEO, having to step in before a popular group abandoned their sims and moved on. That says a lot about the infrastructure of the company... rest assured if I were Mr. Humble those responsible would be reading help wanted ads tomorrow.

The group that had those recent issues has already done something I started last week.
My friend Ling and I now own a full region in Inworldz.
I have said before that my intentions are to remain in Secondlife for as long as the servers are on, and I promised in January my commitment to remain another year minimum. But I am going to be certain that those people that mean so much to me will have a place to go just in case.

Before I close this for this evening there is something else I want to say.
 When I bring newer people into Inworldz it becomes easier to see that Secondlife has made it easier to get started today. So much of what we had to do where our avatars are concerned four years ago is pretty much done for new people today. Today's default avatars are better than we could buy then, and so I end up explaining things I see as simple {how to wear a bald to remove texture hair for instance}. The Secondlife platform is great, no doubt about it, but the friendliness one finds in these new worlds reminds me of those stories from Secondlifes earliest days, for that I'm both willing to deal with things being a little primitive at times, and proud to be in on the ground floor this time.
And so it goes
I love you all, brinda


  1. :))... you are a great addition to any grid, Brinda...

  2. soror.. Thank you, and thanks again for both your help a day or so ago and your support.

  3. Yay Brinda! Congratulations! Now the fun starts ^_^

  4. Had someone said to me one year ago that in 2011 so many people with roots in Second Life would begin branching out into other Virtual Worlds, I'd have laughed.

    Then the Lindens culled the 100..

    Now look where we are...I've seen the Inworldz Benares..and if that time comes...then yeah, there will be a new 'Bliss'. :)

  5. Yes Alex... The day I stood at CodeBastards impromtu "grave yard" looking at the tombstones of the one hundred, a couple of who I had had personal dealings with, I could see that if I wanted to be certain of keeping our Benares family together if you guys so chose, I needed to find a place for us.
    It ain't fancy, but it's home if we need it.

  6. I've been to Inworldz twice and never got passed the orientation area, its so unstable, and both times there were less that 200 people on. But, I see the potential. I think its wonderful that there is a Benares there, the library community I work with in SL is doing the same, exploring the potentials in Inworldz.