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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Have We Created Another Martyr ?

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There will be worldwide glee on the one hand, or hate and sadness on the other depending on the political, social, and religious views of those that hear the news of the death just announced of Osama Bin Ladin.
Those that live in New York City will have likely taken the attack on not only their city, but often on those they personally knew, differently than perhaps someone from another country. If I had lost someone I knew in the attack on the world trade center I'm sure my feelings would include a desire for vengeance.

Those religious extremists in certain parts of the world will see the death of Bin Laden just as personally.
I consider myself to be a good citizen of the USA today, and yet I am very torn with my feelings on hearing the news of his death.
While his death is the most economical outcome, and perhaps he died while attempting to kill more people, I would have preferred to see him tried, convicted, and sentenced to a life of custody.

Osama Bin Ladens death will not stop those religious extremists that followed his lead.
One must remember that a true follower of Islam would never do the things that extremists such as Bin Laden advocated. I'm reminded of something that Benazir Bhutto , the former premier of Pakistan had said in the days immediately preceding her assassination. "No true believer in Islam would kill a woman", this just hours before she was killed.

Early in this Secondlife one of my dearest and closest friends came to me and told me she had something to tell me, and that she hoped that what she was about to say wouldn't harm our friendship. She proceeded to tell me that she was a Muslim and because the Ramadan religious observance was approaching her hours here in Secondlife would be modified some.
You see, many people that practise Islam are conscious of how western perception views their religion.
In my case my response was, as a practising Buddhist, we don't get too excited about anyones religion, or lack thereof.

All this yelling and screaming and posturing will pass, and as the news cycle turns, in a month or less, we will be onto other things.
The question that bothers me is this. Will those religious extremists go onto other things, or has Bin Ladens death simply provided another martyr?

And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda

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