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Monday, May 2, 2011

Prissielou... Thank you, It's been four years!

********************************Where we come from**************************
On the evening of May second, 2007 I downloaded the Secondlife Viewer version 1.14.0 and never dreamed the way this journey would turn out.
I didn't have cable that evening... so the viewer download alone took 40 minutes, when I logged on I was just a cloud and couldn't move. I looked around and said to myself OMG!, I have to do this.
I was instantly hooked.
A few days later with broadband connected, I relogged and found myself at Orientation Island.
The tutorial probably took me half and hour.
Thankfully the so called Welcome Areas were full, so I rezzed on the mainland at the Ross Infohub.
That place became my "home" for a couple of weeks until I found land at Arrazura.

I learned something about 2 months in-world that has shaped my entire Secondlife.
I met Prissielou Flora. Priss was from late 2003, she took the time to make me feel "a part of", and that made all the difference in my world.
She gave me nothing... except acceptance.
She did nothing *for me*... except IM me to say, "Hi! want to join us at ???".
She made a difference.
Prissielou has been gone from search for a couple years at least... I still wonder if she will ever return, I just want her to see what she did for me, and that what she did was selfless.

Tomorrow starts my fifth year in this fantastic world... this world that has also affected that world where I sleep... and I will be forever grateful to not only Priss, but to each of you that has touched my life.
Thank you.

And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda


  1. I wanted to pop in and wish you a happy rezday Brinda! It seems like just a few months ago that I started SL myself, and yet my third rezday is starting to loom on the horizon - congrats on lasting for five years, and weathering all the tempest-in-a-teapot drama with grace and goodwill.

  2. Lou... Thank you.
    I still remember our first meeting at the Ross Infohub =^..^=
    The apparent "time compression" of virtual worlds makes so much of these lives a blur in retrospect, but what a journey!