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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Geeks, Hats, Aspergers, Emotions, & yay! Maroon5!

*******************************Where we come from************************

Every now and then I figure out something on my own, and get that sense of accomplishment we all love.
In this case it was something as simply deleting all browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, form data, etc so that blogger would load. Guess I still fail the geek test 'cause that's likely stuff one's supposed to learn in PC 101 =^..^=

Since I've been trying to wear several hats lately, and of course ending up getting little actually finished, it was a surprise to me to see where some of the readers of this rag come from. The three above are new visitors and I'm always humbled to think anyone would find anything I have to say entertaining, never mind important.
Nearly a year ago a friend, (whose since cut my card), found it distasteful that their town was imaged.
The overwhelming response I got regarding the "Where we come from" images when I asked was positive and so they will continue.

Some of my time this past week has been used in attempting to talk a  friend into doing some of those things that allow many of us a healthy emotional relationship with both other people in virtual worlds and certainly for me, allowing the magic to continue here.
A dear friend of mine, Mucaro (Caro), has been involved in volunteering a lot of her time working with many that come to virtual worlds with special needs. Most of us tend to think of "special needs" as those using wheelchairs, or being physically challenged, and there certainly are that contingent here.
 But that's not all... I know a person that's very successful in Secondlife as a land owner who is deaf, others are mute. One of the challenges people face in that other life we live in is one that after I was here in Secondlife for a few years, I found that I had had trouble with both as a child and as a young adult, Aspergers Syndrome.
I was fortunate that apparently I am one of the estimated twenty percent that grow out of Aspergers.
Without naming names I can tell you that there are two people I personally know of that are incredibly successful in virtual worlds who have Aspergers. As you can see via the above link, Asbergers people don't seem to "get" those unspoken social clues that contribute to how we deal with social situations.
Of course that lack of silent social interaction is what can make interpersonal relationships a living hell here in these virtual worlds.
Over and over I try to explain to people that emotions run extremely  intense in virtual worlds and since no matter how close one feels with another... unless you can walk out of your real life house and actually look another in the eye... it's all a terrible gamble.
 As far as my friend goes, all I can do is to try and show them how I found a place here, a place where I fit it, a place mentally where I feel I am contributing.

Below Maroon5, first because of the catchy beat. Then because the song can be taken as how many of us feel about The Benevolent Monarchy and how they seem to be sleeping with another in our bed!

And so it goes
I love you all and I will try, brinda


  1. "Every now and then I figure out something on my own, and get that sense of accomplishment we all love." - THAT, dear, IS geekdom :) you no fail.

    and with down music links like the above, you got nuthin' to be 'shamed of ^_^

  2. Wow! Thank you!
    Heh Heh... not bad for nearly 70 =^..^=
    Cant wait to see how I turn out when I grow up.