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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why Stay In Virtual Worlds?

******************************Where we come from****************************
Why come to virtual worlds?
Why remain in virtual worlds?
If there is a fascination with virtual worlds,
and for me that fascination is still so alive, how do we keep that fascination alive?
Is there an "attention span" concerning these worlds?

Virtual worlds like Secondlife are open ended creatively... I don't believe that one can ever reach and end.
That thought brings up, is there an attention span?
I'm certain that the attention span that keeps someone constantly fascinated, interested, and creative would depend a lot on the activity that one engages in. When I meet those in Secondlife that have remained well over two years, and that time frame isn't cast in stone, I don't find those avatars spending years totally involved in shopping, pixel sex, standing in welcome areas chatting, or even griefing. I do find them creating content, volunteering in educational situations, engaging in commerce, or designing something totally new. In a word being pioneers. I have friends in virtual worlds today that have been involved in all this for over twenty-five years.

Recently I have seen some of my friends drifting away from Secondlife, it's not uncommon to see those around two years here lose the passion that grabbed us at first sight of this world. Look around at the next gathering you see and inspect rezz dates, vast numbers of new people, a few between one and two, and after that the numbers diminish rapidly.
Two of my dear friends have recently made decisions about perhaps leaving Secondlife, one because of real life situations. The other because, I suppose for them, the magic has gone.

A part of what makes me dream this dream that I never want to end is that I get to support this family, this community, and I get to perhaps help these two friends reconcile whatever choice they make.

I'm sitting here suddenly torn between two opposing thoughts.
First is that if my happiness depends on what another does or says I will be disappointed.
The second thought is that as I told a couple of my dear friends this morning, the people of Secondlife have become my family. I could never possibly repay those close to me for what they have given me.
They have given me love.
Some have given me an education.
And perhaps the greatest gift that my Benares family has given me is purpose, a passion, a reason to remain here and continue to provide a place for a community to thrive.

And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda


  1. this is so true of almost everything in life isn't it =)

    namas te indeed

  2. "No man is an island" - that's for your first thought :)

    In your life, people move away; for jobs, for school, for many reasons. You still talk to them on the phone, and they are still your family. That's for your second thought.

    After all, the internet runs on phone wires. It's just a tool, like a phone, to keep in contact with your loved ones.

    *hugs* I am glad I'm in your family :)

  3. @ Ener...Yes, at least for the concious few.
    {not that I'm a cynic =^..^=

    @ Miso... re:Family, me too!

    For my first year and a half or so I was a "virtual recluse" *pun intended*.
    If I had continued on that path you two are some that I would have missed.