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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogs and My Education...a beginning only.

*******************************Where we come from************************
Thorough out my life I have been incredibly fortunate. There is and old Jewish curse that goes something like, "May you live and interesting life".... I certainly have!
All in all perhaps the single most interesting adventure I have ever taken has been this one of these last four plus years. When I found the advertisement for Secondlife in May 2007 I never dreamed how this experience would change my life. I spent my first couple of years learning a little bit about computers, virtual worlds, and reading the various blogs written by some that were so much better versed in the Internet experience. Almost two years ago I decided that I wanted to speak to a larger audience than that of my residents one at a time.... or my cat.
This blog was my solution.
I found there were as many blogs as there were people, and that there were a lot of different styles of writing. I promised myself that I would try very hard to see that what I wrote wouldn't troll or belittle anyone.
As time has gone by I have met some extremely bright people, one of which sat down with me recently and spent nearly and hour explaining some of the many nuances of writing a blog and why some bloggers write and do some of the things they do.
Ever hear or see the term SEO, Search Engine Optimization?
Ever wonder why you can find mini posts that highlight a URL in HTML even though the mini post is perhaps only an image with a one line caption?
How about HTML links to a blog site that is currently under going tremendous controversy? 
All of these are common ways to increase the traffic to a blog...SEO.
I've mentioned controversy, a blog that sees a lot of controversy can boost its ranking and therefore the amount of money generated by its advertisers.
As far as controversy goes, I'm OK with that, often we will have strong opinions and it would be foolish to expect us to believe the same things.
I do get uncomfortable when the controversy turns into verbal bullying.
It happens.
A common form of attack seems to be accusing some one of disguising their gender and it always seems to be an accusation of someone really being a man while pretending to be a woman.
Perhaps this is one of those rare times when the gender discrimination is against males, I have yet to see a female accused of being male.
{The above reminds me of the courtroom tactic of asking someone if they still beat their wife.}
We will usually find a collection of fanboyz and girls willing to accept any slur no matter how ridiculous, they remind me of lynch mobs unable to either think for themselves or to at least hold judgement in abeyance until the facts are clear.
What's that line... don't confuse me with facts, my mind's made up?

What to do if verbally attacked?
Recently I made a comment that no response is a response, but it is difficult to not want to defend ones self no matter how ridiculous the statements.

Any world is much better served with out hate and discontent... even virtual ones.
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda


  1. *hug* you're wonderful, Brinda. As I commented on my own blog, you deserve a coterie of your own ^_^

    As for reverse-gender-biasing, ask Mera/Vesper about that :)

  2. I Googled that 'facts' quote and found it in a list of all kinds of statements regarding facts. This one really caught my eye. (^_^)

    "Let us take things as we find them: let us not attempt to distort them into what they are not. We cannot make facts. All our wishing cannot change them. We must use them."

    I can mange being harassed, attacked, and ostracized. But, violate the above statement, and I can't resist the urge to put a fight. (>_<)

  3. Immy, I have personally seen you ignore someone standing on your head at Waterhead, and I watched as your ignoring simply sent the critter onto other things, (heh heh, me! lol.

    That is different than what has gone on with you and several others over these last couple of years.
    The nearly constant level of personal attacks amazes me, and are truely worthy of rebutal.
    In your case I have yet to see you resort to name calling... you just state what really happened.
    I'm old enough to be less than idealistic, but I still want to believe that particularly a virtual world should be possible without hate, and we should be able to disagree about issues without being disagreeable.