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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rezz Party for Miso & Wizzy

NO pictures... NO whining...
Just this... Thursday there will be a rezz party for Miso & Wizzy at The Mill a live music venue.

I hope all  can come...
Thursday June 2nd, 2011
5PM till 7PM SLT

Live Music with Porter Paquot...
Blues, Funk, Soul,
plus a DJ

Hope to see all of you there, Miso and Wizzy are a big part of Secondlife for many of us.



  1. I'll be there early...:))) and stay post-pumpkin... cool

  2. awwee! Dis is verra sweeet *sniffle* I will be there... as I was today *giggle* TUESday not THURSday... well, at least I wasn't LATE! ^-^

  3. Hey! Even in that life where I breathe air i've been known to show up a day or so early at a function/meeting to keep from looking like a total nebish.
    I am so pleased you is gonna show!
    (I was talkin bout havin Wizzy or soror hogtie ya) =^..^=