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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miso & Wizzy.... NPIRL

********************************Where we come from**************************
After one has been in Secondlife for awhile and settled in we come across the letters NPIRL, Not Possible in Real Life. Obviously much of what goes on in Secondlife isn't possible in real life, for instance flying or walking underwater, but our immediate thoughts usually end up going to the fantastic content that so many of our Secondlife residents create. For myself there is so much more to all this.
Virtual worlds allow a tremendous amount of personal freedom. Yes, we have the role play that perhaps few would engage in in "real life", but there are other situations we will find ourselves in as well.
In April, 2008, at age 66 I attended  my very first birthday party... it was held in Secondlife.
As a measure of the selflessness of some in Secondlife... it was a couple weeks later that I discovered that one of the residents that helped put on the party had a birthday on that same day.... She hadn't said anything because she said she wanted that day to be mine alone.

There is a rezz day party scheduled for this evening in Secondlife. {For time & place see yesterdays post}
While I don't know if Wizzy has ever had a public celebration of her start here in Secondlife (it's her fourth year), I do know our friend Miso hasn't, and that's after 25 years on the Internet and being a member of the earliest virtual worlds.
We get to celebrate Misos three years here... we get to celebrate Wizards four years.
Happy rezz day to both of those I consider my friends... people I would never have met were it not for this virtual world we call Secondlife.  You see, this is truly Not Possible in Real Life.

And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda


  1. Yeh, a great pair of peeps... seeya there (early) ...:))

  2. hehe thankies brin! actually, i passed my fourth year mark, which means i'm in my fifth year now. ;-) namaste.