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Monday, June 13, 2011

It's the People... It's the Community... It's about us

******************************Where we come from*****************************

Secondlife can be a very lonely place, I know it was for me during those first few weeks. But while I found it lonely, that had more to do with me than with the Secondlife community. Secondlife was just exploding resident wise in those early days of 2007, a busy day in May of that year was 28,000 on line.
Things seem to be much different now, a recent post of mine mentioned my perceived view that there is a definite change in the newer people joining our world today. Newer people now seem to have a "what's in it for me" attitude. Maybe I'm viewing the past with rose colored glasses... but I don't think so. I'm hearing the same sentiment from others as well.
A few days ago I saw someone just a few days old standing off to one side at an Infohub. After chatting for a few minutes I asked if she would be interested in a tier free furnished house on a small private Isle.
Her response was guarded to say the least, as in "What's the catch?"
No catch, I sent her the link to kains offer of a couple days earlier... an hour or so later... after seeing the house and taking a tour of our estate, she was amazed. 
What she found was what I experienced four years ago.
What she found was the kind of thing Pituca Fairchang has written about.
The things that Effulgent Brown told me about when Secondlife was more like high school.

I can name at least six people that claim the reason they are still active in Secondlife after 2/3/4 years is because of how they were treated when they were minutes old... I believe them... I was there.
I have to believe the reverse is also true... log a nooblet into a place where they are teased, jeered at, or otherwise harassed... I'm betting they quickly find that red "X" in the upper right screen corner.
I've mentioned before that I think Mr. Humble would learn a lot about "The New User Experience by e-mailing those that log out quickly.

There is another way to have what would be, for me, a lonely Secondlife experience... 
I have met a person that seems to have alienated virtually everyone they have contact with. They never appear to be able to disagree without being disagreeable.
I think about those six people I mentioned...  if their earliest exposures here in Secondlife were disagreeable... would they have wanted to stay?
For me... Secondlife is about people... it's about community... it's about us.

And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

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  1. I actually still find SL to be a lonely place. But it's a whole lot more pleasant with good friends around. Not just friends you have fun with, but friends who help you and let you help them. :-)