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Monday, June 6, 2011

People like kain Canare are why I stay...

*********************************Where we come from***************************
Over the years I've asked this question often of people in Secondlife, "What keeps you here"?
I don't have the metric but there still must be tens of thousands of us four years or older.
What is it we find that keeps this experience interesting enough that we log in thousands of times?
Commonly the answer I get is, "It's the people".
Yes, there are those that spend and inordinate amount of time creating content, but the overwhelming answer is, "It's the people". I know it is for me.
Lately I, and some of my blogger friends, have commented that those of us that bitch and complain about some of the perceived failures of The Benevolent Monarchy aren't necessarily just doom sayers and/or recalcitrant about change, we truly want to see Secondlife grow and flourish. Otherwise, that red "X" at top right ends any problem.

Some of the readers of this blog know that since the earliest days of our home, Benares, I have kept a guest house for new people. I've never forgotten my early days of flying to the top of tall buildings to try and dress myself. I believe that everyone needs a place they feel they are "part of", a place they feel they belong, and so the Benares guest house.

About seven months ago kain came to Benares... and as with all new people she was offered a stay in that house.
"Stay as long as you need".
I have never in over three years had anyone take advantage of that, and kain was no different. She ended up getting a small parcel, built her own house, and over these last months furnished it with her own original sculpted creations.
Kain sent me and IM yesterday... She wanted to offer her furnished house tier free as a place for another new person to receive the same care and love she had when she was new.
My suggestion was that she offer it free for ninety days to anyone with less than say...45 days.
So that's the deal... images below... tier free, ninety days.

Kain and people like her are why I continue to invest time and treasure in Secondlife.
Kain Canare... she has made Secondlife the place I wanted to see so many days ago.
She is doing for others as Prissielou Flora did for me.

And so it goes
I love you all, brinda

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