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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Positive People... {and how to drive them away}

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Lately I've been trying to maintain posts of good news and stories about those people in my Secondlife that contribute in a positive way.  This evenings post will be about one of those positive people... but not necessarily about good news.
DaAngel Roussel was my very first resident at Benares... She and I chatted this evening about one of the first meetings we had when She, Ling, and I stood on the Southwest corner parcel of a brand new Benares Estates with environment set to midnight listening to a freebie jukebox I had found somewhere.... and we dreamed.

"Angel" had several places at Benares, her RL significant other found me more than he wanted around... he just wasn't happy that I counseled Angel to set boundaries for behavior and to speak up for herself.
Eventually she moved on from him, both in Secondlife as well as real life.
She worked several Secondlife jobs in order to repay the money he scammed some people out of, not because it was a legal issue... but because it was the right thing to do.

Angel recently received a letter from The Benevolent Monarchy after she elected to convert her premium account back to a basic account. Keep in mind this woman owns no land. The salient part of the letter is below.

"If we are unable to collect the amount due within seven (7) days, your account will be suspended pending payment for an additional thirty (30) days.
During that time, you will not be able to log in to Second Life.
Alt accounts may be placed into administrative hold and you may be logged out of active sessions during this time as well.
Failure to resolve this billing issue by the end of the probation period may result in the cancellation of your account."

This is a great way to provide zero support to someone that has maintained a premium account for 3 years. Angel has supplied a credit card now, but one can imagine how long it could conceivably take for the TBM to credit her account with money they will effectively extort.
Harsh words?
She has done nothing wrong and they threaten to delete her account {and inventory} if she doesn't provide them with money... money for a service they say they will provide free. {a basic account}
Darned sad.

And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda


  1. Without knowing all the details, I do find this very disgusting. They are going to delete her for giving up her land ownership rights and 10 bucks a month? Disgusting.

  2. In Angels case there are no *details*.
    When I joined in May 2007 I went to a premium account and paid yearly simply because The Benevolent Monarchy indicated that in order to own land that account was necessary. {The fine print later tells one that estate land doesn't require a premium acount}
    I created brinda2 as a premium account in order to get the extra 10% free tier. When Twinkle closed her shop at Lythria, and I sold my mainland holdings, I allowed both premium accounts to revert to basic. All I saw was a form letter from T B M asking me why I decided to drop premium.
    Anything about this is of course supposition, but my best guess is that this is a case of outsourced support... one hand has no clue what the other is doing.

  3. I think this is just horrible especially to somebody that has paid for a premium account for three years to just cancel them out.
    With this action what only convinces me to never go premium with Linden Labs. I have survived SL for 3 plus years on a free account.
    One reason is the fact I can buy estate land which by far is preferable over main land and secondly to loose my inventory which I would estimate around $500.00 USD. Maybe more hard to guess. Even free account generates income for Linden Labs. Every time I shop. I buy from somebody who is paying tier to a land owner who is paying Linden Labs real money. To cancel Angel rather to allow her to convert to a basic account is just wrong.
    Take Benares Estate and Brinda situation. I would guess half of the residences are on free accounts. If we all were banned the island would be 50 % less populated and Brinda would have to shell out more of her own money to keep it going.
    Just doesn’t make good business sense to me. Maybe the share holders of Linden Labs should hear of such ignorant decisions.

    Love always,