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Friday, April 29, 2011

Gambling anyone?

******************************Where we come from****************************
Love affairs in virtual worlds.
They happen all the time, often they are the virtual equivalent of one night stands and as such could be filed under *no harm, no foul*. Sometimes those one night stands turn into a few weeks or even a few months commitment before the affair fails. There are as many reasons for failure as there are people involved... plus there is the added problem of anonymity inherent in these worlds.
Monday will be my fourth rezz day and in these past four years I have witnessed more than a few of these love affairs that have proved rather tragic. When I say tragic, I mean that in a real sense. There is the tragedy of a broken heart that drives someone from the magic of these worlds,  there is the tragedy of attempted suicide, and pretty much everything in between.
Yes, there are successes, one of my friends has had the same partner since they both came to Secondlife four years ago but I'm not a gambler, and the odds of a lasting romantic relationship are longer than I'm ready to accept.
While everyone wants someone to love, I'm just not sure virtual worlds are the place to find that love.
There is one thing I am certain of.
There is no need for a third party to play Cupid... and absolutely no place for playing Cupid for entertainment, the stakes are too high.

And so it goes
I love you all, brinda

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