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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being Polite...

***************************Where we come from************************
While I have found a few idiots in these past nearly four years there really haven't been many.
Griefers sure, heck that's why I left the mainland over three years ago, and while they did crash sims as well as viewers they didn't speak like idiots or rudely, if at all.
I don't remember of ever finding some one in-world that had been around for years that didn't have a polite, courteous manner, until these evening.
A couple of examples.
I went to visit a friend at a place of business when a woman walks up. Her early words were pleasant enough. Being an inveterate profile reader I saw she had been around since mid to late 2006. Now anytime I see avatars as old as I or certainly older I always engage then in a conversation about how and why did we end up staying this long in Secondlife. I consider myself polite, reasonably well educated, and halfway knowledgeable about Secondlife, it's history and why it's in the position it's in today. First this woman's comments started out a little condescending, speaking to me as though she was the queen and I someone that she merely consented to speak with. Then what I got was a rather snotty comment about I was, "Entitled to my opinion". Really.
You will have to trust me on this, but at nearly 70, and having spent a good number of my final working years dealing with members of both the U.S. government as well as fairly high ranking military officers... I understand I'm, "Entitled to my opinion".

Sadly the second example came from what I read in a blog. When some one makes a comment suggesting a solution for a problem, I see no reason to be snide, snotty, disparaging, or disrespectful, if all else fails, ignore.
I recently had someone make a rather unkind observation about me in an anonymous blog comment.
There were a couple of options left to me...
Don't publish the comment
Publish the comment
Publish the comment and curse out the writer
Or just publish the comment with my polite added comment detailing the original point
The last was my choice. It just seemed to be the right thing to do.
I do understand that along with my cynicism I have to temper my behavior.
I'm not always successful in that... but I do try.
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda

P.S. In the interest of tempering my behavior I decided to not post a picture of the sim or "The queen" =^..^=


  1. It seems to that you take the right aproach. I know this is a simplistic view but I always try to remind myself that some people just aren't very nice. I often feel sorry for people who seem angry or bitter all the time. Who would grief or troll if they had anything better to do? :)

  2. You should have seen "The Queen" earlier. She was all sweetness and "I need your help please". Seeing her change so drastically...that was amazing. I had hoped she was better than that. SL needs open minded and more tolerant people, not ones who pretend to be civil by saying you're "entitled to your opininon". That really isn't civil, but it pretends to be.