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Thursday, April 7, 2011

There is no shame in making a mistake...It's the human condition.

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OK... It's been a couple days since soror Nishi posted this. (I tried to use the link she provided to this site  but the informational link  provided now seems to be dead. I didn't want to just copy her text so go take a peek... and to see maybe why I can't find that original "80/20" information,  look at sorors comments. I'll bet "80/20" got and earful.
Many years ago I was told that statistics can be presented in such a fashion as to "prove" most any point. Witness the impressive "statistic" that, "Over 50% that loaded the viewer never returned a second time".  Well that's likely true... the numbers bandied about for years have said fewer than 15% stay, and while I can't prove what "80/20" claims is B.S. {40% increase in active users} just doesn't ring true.

Here's what I saw this evening as I dropped in at the Moose Beach InfoHub troll zone.
There were the usual suspects on voice, commonly using language that isn't acceptable in social circumstances.
And as is common today a new user standing dead center of all that confusion....  a woman from mainland China.
If you are over a year old you remember when we entered Secondlife at a safe area... a place where there were never more than about 15 avatars. A place where you could look around and see pretty much everyone that looked and acted just like you. Often at these places you found Mentors, both Secondlife Mentors as well as Independent Mentors that could answer your questions and offer advice to make your transition into this magical world seem a little easier.

I spent a lot of time on those Help Islands... One of the good things that came about in the last year of the HIs was when Ferd Frederix got together with Google and Linden Lab to provide a free translator. Often you would find one of the forty HIs populated with a majority of new avatars that didn't speak English. They were comfortable there though, because they were surrounded by other new people that looked like them, were just as confused as them, and spoke their language.
Contrast that with my new friend standing dead center of the Moose Beach troll zone.  Baierr used great English... but it is a second language for her. Secondlife is confusing enough with out dropping someone into a place where the idioms make no sense, where the language is crude, where the best one can hope for is to be ignored.
That's what I find so sad.
The best a new user can often hope for is to be ignored?

There is no shame in making a mistake. It's the human condition, it's how we learn.
The Benevolent Monarchy has tried several ways to improve The New User Experience these last two years, so far... IT'S NOT WORKING. There would be no shame in returning to a prior system that did allow some to actually demonstrate to new people that Secondlife is a culture, it's a community, it can be magic.
Yes, I still dream.

And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda


  1. Unfortunately the Bean Counters haven't really seen the relationship between real social life, i.e. how we treat new people, and 'social' media, which is, really, not social at all. So, while they will pay a large 5 figure salary to a Social Media Guru, they will not part with a penny in the world they created.
    Migrating their efforts to FB is really a terrible admission that they have absolutely no idea what they are doing.
    It is just like moving a very unsuccessful business to the busiest street in the town without improving the business first.
    They could take a leaf out of IWz book, there you are met by a mentor and shown the ropes and friended..... how difficult can it be?

  2. soror some day I'm sure I, along with so many others, will complete our trans-world migration.

    Thankfully Inz has and will grow beyound the point where, as in my case, one of the founders was there to personally meet me.

    Yes, T B M just doesn't seem to "get" that all successful worlds will be based on interpersonal relationships... just as the world where we sleep is.
    I shop at a grocery store over 4 Kms from my house RL.
    I have a personal relationship with those that work there. The store just a few hundred meters away I refuse to patronise.
    I don't like the way they do business.

    Because so many of us really do have a love for virtual worlds and those we establish relationships with, it can be difficult to remember that first and foremost Secondlife is a business.
    There seem to be two basic business models.
    One wants to provide a satisfying experience for its customers... it searches for repeat business.
    The other is just there for the quick money ala P.T. Barnum (theres a new fool born every minute.)

  3. I actually never got friended by an IWz mentor. She just pointed me to the shop and I never saw her again. LOL. But it's ok.

    I am sorry if anybody rezzes at Moose Beach. I've been there twice but when I'm there, I try to keep my sound off and try not to look at others. One time I saw a streaker, oh well. I can imagine how confused Baierr must've been.

  4. Lenoirre, While I wasn't friended by Elenia she did walk me to the shop.

    @Moose Beach... Yes, that's why I'm a proponent of returning to the older Help Island system.
    The Community Gateway system was so gamed and so commercialised it was sad.

  5. I completely agree and as I outline here (thanks for the comment and this link by the way) I think it should be greatly expanded.

    The thing is you reap what you sow, if you drop people into a location full if people shouting and swearing only the people who find that funny will stay.