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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Benares Resident. (and Rolling In The Deep with Adele)

*********************************Where we come from************************
As I recently posted, my rl part time job has had me spending more time working than I really wanted.
Hopefully the training of a workmate will be complete by next week and I will return to my 1.5 days a week. (Yes, I'm terribly spoiled!)

Our ongoing saga with Secondlife and it's perceived struggle to retain those that sign up goes on, and until The Benevolent Monarchy chooses to listen to those that are both successful in world and actually work with new people, the reported 10,000 a day that sign up will continue to just leave approx. 1500 to relog again.
Another statistic I seem to remember is around 15% end up owning land. Owning land is certainly making a commitment to more fully engage one with Secondlife... a fact not lost on the Lab. Witness the "free" linden homes available for signing up as a premium account. Hmmm.........I wonder if anyone at the Lab has ever tried to do anything with 117 prims?
I would be so willing to bet that anyone could find a quorum willing to advise the Lab on concrete solutions to improving retention. {Even those of us entirely too recalcitrant to embrace the latest fiasco  =^..^=}

Emma has posted that her regions are seeing 90% occupancy... My friend Limpy has indicated 85%, mine approach that same level so it would appear that if we get people past that very steep learning curve they will remain and add to the Labs coffers via tier.

Benares has a new resident! Just this past week I was approached by Erity Shima about the corner parcel on the main island. {Btw, I spelled her name as she chooses to use it... leaving out that silly ass "resident" part.}
(That's another idiocy I will never understand... 6 billion people on earth and I suspect very few are named resident)
She has already rezzed a wonderful house and I'm anxious to see how well she integrates herself into our community.
If I could... I would love to have our main island surrounded with 8 homestead regions, but with the current pricing, homesteads today are strictly a break even affair, there just isn't any profit if one provides any land/seascaping at all.
For what its worth section.... I saw you there on the main island, AlexHayden.  =^..^=
Just couldn't yell at you before you "pooofed" away.

After the closing I want to embed a music video... just 'cause. Adele has perhaps one of the great voices performing today. {And before you even think about anything else, remember that few of us in RL look like our avatars!} I sure as heck don't
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda


  1. "pooofed"?

    Maam, I never just "pooof", I crash with style! :)
    I was roadtesting Viewer 2 with AlexHayden and an alt I created to try out the new sign up process..needless to say I didn't see you!

    and before I forget..welcome to Benares Erity!

  2. Welcome to Benares, Erity!

    Haha, yeah AlexHayden doesn't poof. How was the roadtesting, Alex? Lovely house, btw. Have you seen Sophie's new house? It's!

  3. I love Adele, thanks for the link.