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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So long to Bobby.... And a Thank You to Miso.

******************************Where we come from*************************
OK, here's some totally unrelated disconnected stuff that has rented space in what little bit of brain I have left.
Yesterday I made this statement:  Like most anything, there's what we read and think we know, and what we experience and really know.
I learned today that Bobby is dead.
Now none of you, my Secondlife family, ever met Bobby.... and I never mentioned Secondlife to Bobby.
I know Bobby would have just looked at me funny and mumbled something about, "If it makes ya happy, I guess".
Bobby was my neighbor for these last twenty years, sober for the last thirty plus years, and a retired U S Navy guy. Diagnosed with colon cancer a little over a year ago, as late as a couple months ago he was still in denial about the terminal aspect of his illness, "I'm gonna be OK" he would say.
All the few regular readers of this blog know that I am a Buddhist... and as such, I tend to have quite a different view of life and death than the average westerner.
The cause of death is birth.
While I will miss seeing Bobby, I'm not sad... I will always have had those last twenty years.

I continue to tell anyone that will listen to me that there are so many incredibly truly brilliant people here.
More than a couple times lately I have commented on why there seemed to be total silence on the part of current or former Lindens as to the inside story of what really goes on at Linden Lab.
There wasn't total silence... I just hadn't asked the right person. When I mentioned the apparent lack of information, Miso Susanowa gave me this link. {Thanks Miso!}
Reading what these current and former employees had to say explains a lot about why The Benevolent Monarchy is as screwed up in a lot of areas as it is. What does amaze me is that Secondlife works at all... let's face it, any virtual world is complicated beyond belief.

35873 concurrency Total sign-ups! Almost a year ago, when I joined, there were less than 4000. It's after midnight and there's apparently some login problems so I'll look again tomorrow.

That's all for now I guess
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda


  1. you misunderstand what concurrency means. 35873 is total sign-ups. concurrency is the number of accounts currently logged in. when i just looked it was 53 (middle of the night in US). SL's concurrency runs between 35,000 - 67,000 depending on the time of day. this tends to provide perspective on the scale between the two grids.

  2. 35873 total users, Brinda...:)) concurrency is somewhat lower..:))

  3. I will pass on your thanks to soror Nishi, who originally pointed me to :)

  4. @Wizzy & @ soror... yup, and thank you both. As I read blog this morning I saw that, I was just so excited early early this morning to see over 30K sign ups in this past year I guess.