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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Other Peoples stuff.. plus-No Shiny Keys....Change my diaper please.

******************************Where we come from***************************
Reading through a lot of blog posts and comments today... My other life has kinda taken precedence over this past week so I had plenty to look at today.
I find it more than a little odd and amusing that the life where I sleep seems to often "interfere" with my virtual life... although it's been that way since May Second, 2007.

Ok,in no particular order.. {and instead of using HTML links I'll just leave a list of URLs at bottom of page.}

Crap Mariner has called the hamster a ham.....ster. I promised myself I wouldn't pile on, but it's hard not to... trust me I won't leave a hamster URL.

Miso sat right up and called 'em as she saw 'em.

Soror tried to explain that not all "negativity" is unjustified.

Emma did have a good point that all businesses have problems.

Now that last one I can agree with... to a point. {I will paste my comment to her blog below}
When I sit back sometimes and think about exactly what has to happen, let's say as I cross a region boundary, I'm totally amazed. Imagine  getting a new PC and transferring all  your data several times a minute, or even and hour. That's my impression of what goes on in a region crossing, a server hand off.
Btw... I'm guessing at that... based on our inventory isn't stored "with us", it's on LL servers.

Well, I reread this comment below... and I hope it's not seen as too harsh, anyway here it is.

"I call some negativity... but much is constructive criticism.

If The Lab really wants higher concurrency... listen to the tens of thousands of us that have actually spend hundreds of thousands of hours in world. (Thanks soror)
Thousands have complained about Spewer 2.ought oh. Not because much of it's details... but because of the confusing UI.

There's a very old Spanish saying that applies to much of how the Lab acts....
si dos personas te llaman y el culo usted debe tener una silla y el freno  (translated as)
If two people call you and ass you should get yourself a saddle and bridle.

Just listen to us... we really do know how this darn thing works. Don't treat me like a small child and hand me shiny keys to hold when my diaper needs changed."

OK enough out of me I suppose
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

Crap Mariner




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