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Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Way to Remain...

******************************Where we come from**************************
One doesn't have to spend much time in Secondlife to learn that time seems to move very differently here than it does in our other life, a friend of mine has compared Secondlife years to dog years... and that analogy  may not be that far off. My friend Jake came up to my yard this evening to say hello and we started talking about early friends here in world. I would imagine his case is very average in that most if not all of his earliest friends in Secondlife are no longer around. Even those of us that come to virtual worlds all wide eyed at first seem to gradually fall away as the weeks, months, and years go by.
In my case I feel so fortunate in that four of my earliest friends, those I met in my early days, are still in my life today.
Among those, and today the most active of those, is Ling

 I'm either blessed or cursed with a really good memory  =^..^=  I often can remember exactly where I met some one and Ling is no exception. We were standing on "The Bridge To Nowhere" at The Lost Gardens of Apollo. That was late 2007, and we have been doing this virtual existence ever since.
More than that, we have maintained a wonderful relationship since that first day.
That's not to say that we haven't disagreed... where I tend to be headstrong and impulsive, Ling is cautious and pragmatic. So often I end up mentally kicking myself for not seeking her counsel before I act, instead of asking her how can "we" fix another situation I find myself in.
Today Lings corner may well be the showplace of Benares, from birds and plants, to those games we did as children... all are to be found around her place.
Her latest contribution to our community is to be found on our West shore, just north of her peaceful garden. She has set up a fishing venue there, with prizes paid out for the most fish... the biggest fish. It's a non profit thing... Ling not only bought the land to put it on, she bought all the content as well.
Fishing venue...Come and enjoy! A great place to sit and chat while you maybe earn an L$ or so.

I will always believe that the only way to remain in Secondlife long term is to find a passion. For some of us that passion is content creation, some use art, others can sing, still others find helping new people the key that works for them.
Ling has found being and active member of Secondlife, of always being there with a kind word, a helping hand, a shoulder to share what's going on, of being a person of integrity, and above all being a friend to all that will return that friendship the thing that has kept her here for one thousand two hundred thirty five days.

And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

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