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Monday, March 21, 2011

New talent!

*****************************Where we come from***************************** ***************************************************************************** For all of it's many problems... Secondlife is awesome. I know I've said before that I have more passion today than I did that day in early May four years ago when I first logged into our world, it's true. In this next week or so I want to document what a few of the residents of Benares are doing. I am going to start where I start, and the order I go with has absolutely no hidden meaning. I often say that I have no creative talent in Secondlife save and ability to map textures, mostly that's true. There are some that tell me that perhaps my true talent is having some people skills, maybe. Four and a half months ago kain Canare came to Benares, and like a hundred before her she enjoyed having the use of our guest house. This woman was like a thirsty sponge when it came to learning everything there was to learn about our world. Below find some images of just what this woman has taught herself to do since the beginning of the year.

This desk set's PC has a "screen saver"... that works. A bath for a customer. {Under construction} A sculpty living room set... If memory serves me, 8 prim total. This grandfather clock actually works! Pendulum swings... and I took this screen shot at 5:06 pm SLT She has created a chess set that is playable... yes, it's 33 prim but so very cool! Kain is available for custom work, you give her a photo of what you wish and see what she can do. More tomorrow about the people of Benares And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste


post script: I see a couple of my friends are in a comments war blog wise. I can't /won't choose sides, all I can think of is that and eye for and eye leaves us all blind.

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