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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Part Two... More "Rules" for Secondlife =^..^=

******************************Where we come from*****************************

**************************************************************************** I doubt anyone ever first comes to Secondlife truly understanding exactly how our world works. Now and exception to that might well be those that come here from other virtual worlds, and when I say how our world works... I don't mean technically, I mean emotionally. In May 2007 I was 65 years old, a self described been there done that sort of person, and because of a very storied past, pretty darned street wise. None of anything I thought I knew would prepare me for Secondlifes emotional stuff. Yes, I had a brief emotional fling... and got over that fairly quickly. Next I met a dear friend from Bangladesh, a person that taught me so much about how Secondlife works. We kinda grew up here. While we were never more than just extremely close friends, I was just feeling so lost when my friend decided that her life was to go another direction. Where I'm headed with this is I allowed my emotions free rein... And I forgot the reason I originally entered a virtual world... entertainment. In my life where I sleep... if a stranger made rude comments about me, most of the time my practise would hopefully kick in and I would simply go about my business and promptly forget what was said. If I were in business and someone took and ad out in a publication and said things about me that were unkind but not libelous, either I counter respond... or ignore. How often have I told nooblets..."Secondlife is not a game, it truly is a second life". Many years ago a very wise woman gave me a gift. It's a gift with very sharp edges, and as such must be handled carefully. The gift? The first three rules of life. Life is not fair. There is no justice. Nothing is truly sacred. There will likely be calls of cynicism. I call it realism. Come on, no one gets out of here alive. Life is incredibly short... much too short to waste such a precious gift. Come to Secondlife, make it the best you can, don't worry about the stuff you have no control over. Live as good a life as you can. Be honest. Allow others the right to make bad decisions. Love with all your heart. Take care of your friends. Jeff...Remember yesterdays rule 1, have fun.

And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste


P.S. There is a fourth rule... I will sneak it into a future post.=^..^=

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