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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Educator, Content Creator, & most of all Friend...

*****************************Where we come from***************************** **************************************************************************** Flor Nachtigal... A case of where to start. I first met Flor in November 2009 when she entered Secondlife... she was busy editing her appearance at the BSD Archer house on a Help Island and all of 15 minutes old. The basic person we see today was already formed to a great degree even then. When given suggestions on appearance... she listened, and then still made her own choices. Flor is the Chief Editor of The Palais Secondlife Magazine... She is a builder and content creator... The beach house above is just one of the houses she's built at Benares. I didn't realise how much content she had created until I started writing this post... Google her name. I had no idea she had creations on the Secondlife Market Place. If you've never met Flor, send her and IM, ask her a question. Particularly ask her a question about art, education, or the true Secondlife experience. You will find someone both dedicated to Secondlife as well as having a well formed opinion about our world. For a copy of The Palais Magazine, one place you can find one is at the location below. And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते p.s. Sorry about the smoggy picture of my dear old Orange County California, some stuff just "is".


  1. beautifully written and clearly written by an equally brilliant person =)

    namas te

  2. Thank you Ener... That is high praise indeed.

    And yes, "I honour that place in you where the universe resides. When you are in that place as I... then we are as one."

  3. Still Here

    Brilliant as the night sky - Our Brinda is
    Radiant beyond our vision - Our Brinda shines
    Indignant at times - Our Brinda rumbles
    Namaste she signs - Our Brinda is here
    Determined to make better - Our Brinda betters
    A world without Brinda? - No - not possible.

    And if so inclined you will see, that 'Brinda' is here in all directions - even straight down.


  4. /me blushes...
    Andor you are so sweet
    {and biased =^..^=}
    And I so want to "edit" your comment, Heh Heh.
    But...Thank You.