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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Virtual World "wills"?

*****************************Where we come from***************************** ***************************************************************************** I just finished reading Ener Hax' great blog a few minutes ago. She mentions something that I've thought about before, what does happen to your "stuff" here when you die? Btw thanks to Eners commenter "Johnny" for his link to this site. Now I have read a bit about what The Benevolent Monarchy has posted about this some years ago. What I read from them is fine as far as any money left in the deceased account. As for your inventory, Ener did a previous post last spring explaining options. If the death isn't a sudden one just leaving your password with others sounds like the easiest way out. The Benevolent Monarchy. Have you tried to get anything done there? I knew someone that was falsely ARed as under age, it took her around a month to finally get someone to rectify that... and only after she found a Linden in world {Honest, she actually found one!}. I have real people that have paid me real money for the experience I promised them at Benares. What would happen to my sims? Can you say *log on* and see, "Your former location no longer exists or is currently unavailable and you have been moved to a nearby region"? I will not have that happen to those that have trusted me. My solution will be as I commented on Eners blog... It's just the right thing to do. While I have found more stuff that, "the boys", as soror Nishi calls them have broken... I'll save that for the next rant! And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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