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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wonder If Mr. Humble reads the blog I commented on?

*****************************Where we come from***************************** **************************************************************************** OK Soapbox time... again. Below is a comment I posted today on a blog that is still shilling for both FailBook {gosh I love that and can't remember who to credit it to} and for The Benevolent Monarchy. I can accept that the company that runs Secondlife may not be growing at the rate that that same amount of money would increase at if it were invested elsewhere. And believe me, I do understand that "the bottom line" is truly the bottom line. While Secondlife is a wonderful, creative, multinational experience for us the users, for the investors/owners it's all about money. Here... Just maybe my one tiny voice will be heard, I have to believe.

"Oh Please!. I pay my share... 6K USD a year. No, I'm not golden... but I'm far from a freeloader. Try to force me/us to use a UI that's so bad that literally thousands of daily users don't like it? It's also darned sure nothing to do with point/clic... the Third Party Viewers have that, I use that function... it's handy. As was stated above we tug on the rope and no one listens for weeks/months/years? It's not that people don't come... it's the 86% that never re log after time one. Here, let me tug on the rope one more time. This *New User Experience* isn't working, and a large part of that is the complicated viewer that we that are strangling Secondlife refuse to embrace. Default all new users to and island of their own with adequate mentoring. Instead of sitting in and office emotionally, actually come spend time in world talking with that new user standing way off to one side of a so called welcome area where he/she has just been ignored... or even worse jeered at because they are so *lost*. Mr. Humble... if you read this and would like to hear from several of those that used to work with new users (and a few that still do... IM me or send me and Email, you have the address). " And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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