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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Doing the right thing sometimes just sucks...

*****************************Where we come from***************************** **************************************************************************
This is a re post of what I wrote last evening... I guess Blogger had a glitch. Shortly after I published, it disappeared. If you still have the original forgive the disparity, I still feel the same way. ********************
I had to do something last evening that just breaks my heart. I had to report a thirteen year old not only on the main grid, she was at Benares. This wasn't someone that just wandered in, it was some one I had met... someone I had shared laughter with... someone I had shared some of the magic of Secondlife with.
Yes... it was the right thing to do.
Yes... if she were my child I would want some one to do as I did.
Yes... to not report her could conceivably cost me my account.
No... it didn't feel good.
Two days ago a friend showed up at Benares with a one day old nooblet. This girl was as smart as I think I've ever seen someone enter Secondlife, she was also very polite, respectful, and full of questions. She was a joy to teach the basics of this world to. She wasn't interested in how she looked or dressed, {I do have to say the newer default avatars are very well done}. She wanted to know things like how do you build a house, how do you make a door work.
Last night I received an IM from one of my residents, "Brinda, are you busy? We have and issue".
Ling and I TPed to my residents home... there is Kayesim Resident, the new girl.
One of the people there had asked her how old she was.... thirteen.
I called a trusted friend of mine to come and tell all of us the exact legalities of what ages can be where.
I had no recourse. Kayesim was honest and I'm sure it took at certain amount of courage and the ethics that her parents had instilled in her for her to be honest with us. She acknowledged in chat that she was thirteen.
I reported her to Linden Lab. Then I took her to The Lost Gardens of Apollo, one of the most beautiful places in Secondlife. She thanked me and told me that what she had seen gave her something to look forward to.
As I landed back at home I saw her log off. Search showed her account was deleted.

This morning I saw the E-mail below from Alex, (and I'm sure he won't mind my posting his missive).... **************
"Hand on heart. What choice did you have? Let her wander the grid and find the adult areas? Stumble into a situation beyond her control? We both know that not everyone would have the best interests of a youngster to you said it yourself, you did the right thing, don't beat yourself up over it! Besides, you indicate that she is an intelligent young lady. I'll bet she will be back here making stuff when she is old enough to be. Unless Second Life has turned into some god awful version of IMVU by then....
Dear Alex, thank you.
My dream is that we are still here when this child returns in five years. What a story that will be to tell.
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda


  1. In five years? What about all this "merging the teen grid with the main grid" jazz we've all opined about the last few months? Can't she just be restricted to teen-friendly PG areas? Don't I understand this teen-adult grid merging? :(

  2. Sadly, at 13 she's restricted to a superivised educational region.

    Specifically section 2.2

    If she had been 16 I might have chanced it... I know and implicently trust all those here at Benares.

  3. I think 13's old enough to be on a vedeo game. I'm sure the girls parents let her out of the house to go to school.

    You're either being just silly (and way too old) or you have things going on there that you should not.

    I think you should have left her alone. I have to say though that you sound way too full of your self for that.

  4. Well, Mr./Ms/Mrs Anonymous you are certainly correct about my being old. I will be 69 in 17 days.
    As far as what's *going on* at Benares... the estate is set as "Mature".

    Please see this:
    Specifically section 2.2