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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Secondlife Help Page? Not so as I could tell!

*****************************Where we come from***************************** **************************************************************************** Ranting. Again. Just yesterday I started looking at "our" new Secondlife knowledge base. Maybe it's just me... Hey, I can provide testimony, both in-world and out, that there are times I make the easy stuff way too complicated. But have any of you tried to use the new and improved gonna get us Residents to provide information 'cause that way you can earn brownie points help section of the Secondlife Web Page? I just spent 24 minutes looking for a list of Third Party Viewers... this list here. I didn't find that link at the site new users would likely go to first, the Secondlife Web Page... I googled Secondlife Third Party Viewers. After entering my log in info twice while trying to just post a question, {like a new person is going to sit for "X" minutes, hours, days, for someone to answer their question} I quit in disgust. I wonder how this new system will improve the new user experience? Not! {Can't imagine why Third Party Viewers aren't easy to find.}*cough* Please, if I screwed up that search... let me know. When I try and help nooblets, one of the early things I suggest is that they at least try one of the 1 code viewers. I tell them that downloading Phoenix, Imprudence, Ascent, etc. won't remove "Spewer 2.ought oh"... but that they will find the early UI much easier to use as well as make it certainly a lot easier for me to provide them with easy to understand pictorial information. Later, once they have become a little more comfortable, if they choose they can certainly return to their original viewer. Works every time. But what about the uncounted thousands that never meet someone in-world that can take the time to help? I know... if I expect anyone to do anything except disappoint me.. I will be disappointed. Cynical s.o.b. I am. And then... I read Wagner James Au's New World Notes from yesterday afternoon. {And no, I won't HTML link it} He continues to shill for Facebook. I will let his commenter's speak for themselves... at last count there were 28 against anything that would connect Facebook to Secondlife, 1 for, and 1 ehhh maybe. Jeez... we are still going though all the current privacy stuff. Enough with and outfit that can't even keep their own CEO's account safe. I know... much too cynical. =^..^= And so it goes My love to all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते


  1. These days, Hamlet has as much relevance to Second Life as Ronald McDonald has to the quality of food as McDonalds.


  2. C/M, I so wanted to say more... but those of us that know...know.
    So sad to see all the shoulder rubbing lately.
    /me wonders if Blue mars would still be alive if the shoulders had touched then...

  3. I have wondered lately if Hamlet is simply using stupid topics to increase the traffic to his pages.

  4. soror, I suspect you're not alone there.