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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Contributions, Compassion, Professionalism...

******************************Where we come from***************************** **************************************************************************** Everyone in Secondlife makes a contribution. I know some of you understand my feelings about those whose contribution is simply standing at the so called welcome areas and chatting either in voice or in text, but they too do contribute. Their contribution, as I see it, might simply be those of numbers... concurrency. My guess is The Benevolent Monarchy needs numbers in order to keep the venture capitalists placated. The ones really that impress me are those thousands that truly make Secondlife what it is. Those that contribute to the culture of our world. Some contribute content, others contribute community, still others make us a gift of their time and compassion. My friend Porter Paquot does all of those. There is Porter the vocalist. A singer in real life performing with a group in the Northwest USA, she brings a level of professionalism to Secondlife performances not often seen. There is my resident Porter the home body, the wannabe child {look at the water slide}. Never content with boring status quo this is her roller derby rink... the striped tent upper left is a bumper car ride. The heart of her Secondlife has to be here, the Mill. This is where one can find the performer Porter. There are a lot of performers in Secondlife, some quite good. But having a professional stage presence makes all the difference in the world. Never content, next to the Mill is this gallery. My former manager, Poly, found Porter about day one or so, I met her on day two. I watched her decorate her first house... I watched her venture out into the often contentious Secondlife entertainment world. I've watched her help some in our world that were having real problems. I've watched her battle some of her own demons... and she does it with grace. And so it goes Grace and love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते P.S For a link to her real life band use this link. hint... click on the "recordings" tab to hear some of their music!

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