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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mr Lincoln's Love...

OK...I don't want to get into specific details... you know all those, "Who shot John". In this last year I've found myself spending a fair amount of time reading blogs, forums, books, and hate mail...well not the last, or at least not hate mail directed at me. As I have said before there's enough blather going on about the... "Viewer Crisis"...that I'm not going to pick a winner or loser. Pick a viewer, there are crises perceived in all. Why do so many seem to forget...we don't pay for these viewers. Slow frame rates?....don't use it. Malicious code?...don't use it. You hate the devs?... don't use it. Search is broken with xxxxx?... don't use it. Your husband, wife, ex, {pick one} uses "X" and you wouldn't be caught dead with that "X" tag over your head?...don't use it. See a pattern here?..... Along with the "viewer crises" we have the hate and discontent spewing from so many keyboards. The Internet allows all of us to do and say things that we wouldn't do or say face to face, at least to some. My history prior to my sobriety date of March 3,1989 was one of alcohol and drug induced behaviors...I wasn't a nice person and since I didn't care, if someone had spoken to me the way I see some write here on the Internet............well suffice it to say I wouldn't be writing this now. I got an IM from a friend of mine a couple days ago...It was a "what if" IM. You know, what if I do so and so? I made a suggestion about what I saw and felt about the "what if" and I'm sure I wasn't the only person that was asked. The most important part was they asked. I've learned so slowly that if I can take even 15 minutes, I can formulate a response that will at least keep me out of court. The Internet always seems to have the answers we seek, but the answer may not be a 'truth'. I know for myself, I tend to follow statements that bolster my original premise...I think that's just being human. Yesterday I saw something that I hadn't heard before, or even thought of. I'm quite a fan of Abraham Lincoln, I was raised in Springfield where Lincoln owned his only home, where his farewell speech was delivered, and where he's buried. Take a look at this post from Crap Mariner, it's an interesting look at Mr. Lincolns philosophy, and is such a great answer to hate and hate mail. ************* My dear friend Ling has something she repeats often..."Secondlife is supposed to be fun". That isn't a plug for Prince Phillips fast-easy-fun, it just makes sense. It's a mantra I preach to all nooblets..."Remember the first rule of Secondlife, have fun". I am the first to remind myself that I've turned into somewhat of an idealist in my old age. We in Secondlife have such a wonderful opportunity to help move the world we live in forward into a better understanding of each others cultures. As my friend CM says, just leave them laughing...I find it's really hard to hate when I'm laughing. Let's all try to take at least one small step in the direction of patience and understanding...darn it, it's important. And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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