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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Party!.. Accents... Broken Stuff...

This post will be a little disjointed.. my apologies ahead of time! {This was added'll see}. ************** I've decided that I'd like to have a show/party at Benares. I first contacted Porter Paquot about performing and she thought it was a great idea. Next I talked to leogan Magic, the owner of The Kasbah and The Speakeasy music venues and asked him to handle the details. I learned a long time ago that anytime someone does something professional...there's a trick to it or we would all do it. This morning I contacted Hexx Triskaidekaphobia from The Born Again Pagans to see if he and Madame would be interested and I'm happy to say he was enthusiastic about the idea. BTW check out, "Run For The Money" MP3! The tentative date/time will be Saturday the 25th of this month...likely start time will be 3 PM SLT. I will be confirming that date and time as we go forward. ************** It's a day later....and what a day! PC ate a memory card...had to format hard drive (so I'm back to resetting EVERYTHING!). Of course the graphics card wasn't original so had to go to Nvidia for latest driver. Antivirus had to be re loaded... Programs reloaded... There was one very bright least it was a moment that totally put a smile on my face. When I tried to load the Emergence viewer I got a notice about 'side by side' something and it wouldn't load, see blah blah blah heh heh. A bit later I wandered around until I found the Emergence viewer support blog and reading some of it I saw something about going to Emergence folder and changing Emergence.config to emergence.exe.config.......The darned thing loaded! Now while that may not blow your amazes the heck out of me. You're reading this from someone that couldn't copy/paste three years ago. *************** Had an interesting thought today as I was talking to HP support. Recently there was something said on one of the blogs I follow about those of us that speak English with an accent. I don't remember exactly now...but I think it was some absurd remark about one of the Emerald group that is likely from "down under". Personally I've always loved that accent...I say accent because it is only an accent if it's not your local vernacular. When I called HP support the gentleman I spoke to was Indian.... I was certain of that simply because of the time I recently spent in India. What was so interesting to me was his attitude when I asked him where he was located. I could almost detect a cautionary tone when he told me India... and then I could hear another change in his voice when I told him that I had just been there and how much I loved India. This gentleman was a true professional... he spent nearly an hour with me while I fumbled through removing memory cards and tried to follow his instructions so he could diagnose the problems. Now while I'm sure that I didn't get any special service, I also certain that he enjoyed helping me...I could hear it in his voice and his goodbye. It takes so little to help another have a better day. And that brings me to voice in Secondlife... I find so much reason to not use anyone except those such as Paisley Beebe in her TV interviews...or those in the music business. Never mind those of us with speech impediments... voice is just another place where some of us find differences. Text is a great leveler here... in my travels through the world the USA is often the place where I see so much of a "superior attitude" when it comes to those that don't sound exactly like the locals. Says so much about our attitude....sadly in a negative way. And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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  1. I dont know if your from the US or ? But here in the US..People tend to dislike using support lines that route to India. The accents can be so strong that its difficult for us to understand them. Thats probably why there was cautionary tone when he told you India. I have found in my case that most of the time they have been very helpful but tend to go "by the book" in answering any questions I might ask and I value the service no matter how thick an accent as long as I can understand what they are saying.