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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tyler, I wish I could have made a difference...

******************************Where we come from****************************** ********************************************************************** Why did Tyler Clementi die? -

There is so much I will never understand......such callousness from children so young.

Yes, at 18 years old we are technically adults... but it takes some of us a very long time to perhaps understand that just because something can be done...doesn't mean it should be done.

Tyler you will be missed by your parents for forever....The rest of us will forget all too soon.

I can only hope that someday those that were so callous will remember you... and that the enormity of their actions will become clear when their own children are born.

The video below speaks to my heart....

I wish I could forgive them.... maybe in awhile... For what it's worth, I can't forgive just yet...

I still have so far to go

And so it goes

Today, I wish I could love all, brinda




  1. I can't forgive them either. I remember what it's like to be bullied and embarassed. I wish Tyler had had someone there to help him through the pain. I was talking to a friend who started college this August. He doesn't feel like he fits in, so I try to share my experiences with him and soothe his mind. It's all about the mindset. No matter how mean people are, we need to love ourselves and be strong or rely on others for strength.

    Good viedo, brinda! That song really talks to me.

  2. This has only just started to make the news over here in the UK.. Ignoring the sensationalist aspect of the coverage by our news services, it seems Tyler was a talented, shy young man who must have been destroyed emotionally by having his homosexuality exposed to the world in such a cruel, cruel way..I'm reminded of a quote by Anna Julia Cooper : “Bullies are always cowards at heart and may be credited with a pretty safe instinct in scenting their prey.”

    Because of a lock of moral responsibility, Ravi and Wei have now been exposed to the same global humiliation they exposed Tyler to.

    I wonder if they feel it was worth it.