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Monday, September 6, 2010


I have never seen or heard of a place, lifestyle, or experience that generates the intensity of this thing that is Secondlife and believe me, I have had some intensive experiences. I won't brag, complain or provide details...some of my close friends here know a few of those experiences and I'm sure over this past year I've posted a few on this blog. I was just looking, trying to find which of the Secondlife bloggers had posted such a great quote about who stays in Secondlife. As usual, I read so many I can never find the quotes I want. I think it was Grace McDunnough that has posted several stories that ring true as to why some of us stay...why, we for lack of a better term, "fall in love" with Secondlife. Love...We all have our own idea of what that can be......... My first log in was on dial up... all I could do was stand there at the telehub on the old Orientation Island, but as I looked around, I knew this was what I wanted... where I felt I belonged. There are many kinds of love in Secondlife just as here are in any life. My friend soror Nishi loves to create fantastic works of NPIRL (not possible in real life) art, look at this display from some weeks ago. Porter Paquot, one of my residents, not only loves Secondlife, she loves performing live music here as well. We have those that love writing the Linden Scripting Language, the scripts that makes stuff "do" things. There is also personal love... if you are any at all interested in both "how it was" circa 2003, and in a wonderful love story, take a look at this story from Pituca FairChang. True love of the intimate sexual kind in Secondlife can be a joy... and such a sadness. My experience here after over 3 years is that no matter how intense the feeling of that love, it rarely lasts and often drives one or both out of this world. I have had a wonderful chance here to love people... not the pixel sex love, or the obviously romantic thirty minute hugging animation. I've had the chance to be involved with people... I've had the chance to help people... I've had the chance to mentor people... I've had the chance to make a difference... Very recently I was told that I am loved... Wow! ********** And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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