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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where Some of you Come from...& a Thank You

Shameless self promotion....almost thirteen months ago when I started this blog I had no idea that it would ever be anything more than my own personal diary, and while it has been that, I am amazed and humbled by what has happened. Just before I opened this window, I looked at the last visitor...look at the visit number at the top of the first image below. In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined that so many of you would have thought I had anything to say...{maybe you don't and your reading me for entertainment!} =^..^= I recently changed site meters, I was using Blog Patrol but a little too much down time and less than effective support just finally encouraged me to change. Many if not all of these sites offer free counters and so it's hard to get upset when stuff happens. The meter you see at the bottom left of this page has a ton more information and makes for interesting reading for me. Some of that information follows. A bit about security and your information...all websites we visit get our IP address, that's how they return our search pages. In the interest of privacy I edited the address below as well as the lat./longitude. The image below that is of my location, if you were to map my IP...the Cox cable office is 10 Kms away, and that image of Otay mountain where the tower is might be 20 Kms plus.

The communications tower at Otay Mountain is probably twenty/twenty 5 Kms away, I'm on the far horizon just where those low hills in Mexico flatten out at the coast. Btw, while I would never post your IP were I to learn it...if you would like mine just IM me, I'll look it up for you. Also, unless you live underneath your ISP communications tower...your IP isn't your house.

Below here I've posted a few images of some of the many places where this site is read. Just like Secondlife it's self, these images are of places over much of the world and represent cultures that we get such a fantastic chance to experience here in Secondlife.

My visitors come from five continents including: Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Scotland, UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Italy, Turkey, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Australia...and if I've missed your country my sincere apologies.


A small town in Texas, USA...there are three of you inside 30 Kms there =^..^= Again, I edited out the street names since this is a small town.

Kansas guess is the communications tower is very close, this location is near a couple of small towns. Below is my dear friend Twinkles home town...Dhaka, Bangladesh Norrkoping, Sweden The home of another close friend Bucharest, Romania...I know who lives here as well, my first Secondlife friend! West Central Germany... Marla, South Australia...Look for Marla on the map, it's a very long ways out. While I know who this isn't, (Paisley Beebe is a Sidney girl)..{unless it's a "summer" home}. This location shows me how a person from South Australia can walk up to me in Secondlife and we can sit and chat 'face to face'. *****************

Again, thank you all that read this blog. I hope that my initial goal in 2009 of doing a blog that doesn't rant, rave, scream at people, or troll will is much too short, and people are too precious...even the ones that I can't agree with.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda




  1. What a wonderful idea... I'm fascinated by where my readers come from, too (I also use Sitemeter), but I haven't ever thought to use Google to see those places.

  2. What a great post! I love this! In thinking about the person behind the screen, in any given instance, I believe we tend to project our own circumstances. But here, in this blog, you have fortunately obliterated that possibility! Now I have to think what walking down the street feels like for someone else, what the air feels like, and what it means for that person to be on my and in Second Life! Not that I have not done that before, but having the actual photos of cities certainly helps! Thank you for this marvelous post! The access to diversity in SL may just change the world!