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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is a Wonderful Life

**** Where we come from; Nagano, Japan & Guarante Do Norte, Brasil ****

This is a wonderful life.

Last night after I logged off and started thinking about what had happened and what I had experienced here in Secondlife during the latest loggin I saw ever more clearly just how wonderful this virtual world has been to me and for me. Keep in mind that at 68 in my other "real life" world I am, in most cases invisible, that's just a fact of life that we will all experience as we age. In Secondlife I exist as ageless, I am loved, respected by many, and sometimes listened to... All of that was certainly clear last evening.

At loggin I saw several old IMs that needed an answer, a group notice that Porter Paquot was performing, I got and IM from Laurali who I had not heard from in a few months, a few "Hi's", plus someone TPed in to chat. We both TPed to where Porter was singing and a bit later I found myself holding multiple IM conversations, current chats, listening to the music, and welcoming a couple of nooblets that wandered in. Never mind the technology...that was more human interaction than I had experienced all day...this virtual world helps keep me experiencing life at a level I had never dreamed possible.

******Below is Laurali, my other SL daughter....looking at her rezz date last eve (610 days), She is now as SL old as I was when we met on one of the old Help Islands. Twenty months is a lot longer in Secondlife than the number would seem to indicate. Lauri has had real life stuff going on...ended up moving to Canada's maritime coast where the only Internet connection was dial up and so was missing from my family for way too long. She's back in Ontario now and I'm so thrilled she is home again at Benares. ******

While Laurali and I were reminiscing over those that had moved on at Benares I got an IM from Barbara, so Lauri and I TPed out to see her and the new build she's started.

The trip was a touch bittersweet for Laurali...Barbara now owns the parcel previously held by Lauri...Lauri was the very first land owner on the West sim.****** Barbara below, sans her sunglasses =^..^=

Barbara is from Berlin and a student of architecture....It shows as the three of us stood chatting and looking out over one of the nicest sunset views in Secondlife.

Below you see day two of her current build. Among my multitasking last evening was a wonderful long chat with Hexx Triskaidekaphobia.(and yes, I can spell it without reference!) What a wonderful guy... he sounds as excited about playing Benares as I am to have him. I recently linked a video of a performance... you might want to take a look at this website ... Look at the options on left hand edge of blog for links to videos and free music downloads.

While Hexxie and Madame are scheduled to perform from 3 to 4... he asked me if it was OK to run over =^..^ could anyone say no!

If you haved missed the previous announcement: details at this link,

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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