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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Thank You to so many...

******************** Where we come from ****************************************************************************************** This past week has been one of many shades of emotion for me, assuming emotions come in shades.

We lost a great guy this week***

I had people return to Secondlife after being absent much too long***

I've had a chance to offer a bit of the experience that sometimes comes with age to a much younger friend***

10,000 people have looked at this blog!...I have asked and I know who this visitor was, but it's their story to tell if they choose***

There was a chance to grow a little bit myself yesterday***


Adric is only gone from this current incarnation...I hope those of you that share a different religious philosophy from mine will accept that that's what I believe.

A dear friend that is young enough to be my grand daughter has been struggling with inter personal relationships here... those can be difficult enough in real life and perhaps even more difficult here because of the lack of visual clues when interacting with another. I hope any input I gave was couched in love and experience.

During the past week I had Laurali re-enter my life, Andor slipped in for a peek, and Jakob suddenly popped into view in my yard. When people leave our lives, be it for a period of this lifetime or for eternity, it leaves a vacant space... a space that will heal over... but we always know that they are gone. ******

My closest friends in all worlds understand that while I may put on a great front... social situations are not easily undertaken... but as with many things, just moving past my feelings and actually doing those things that I'm not comfortable with is the key to learning how to get comfortable. The party at Benares is a great example... the tremendous positive feedback I received from so many both during and after the event let me relax and enjoy the show.

A thank you to all that attended... all the music in the world wouldn't be entertainment if it were experienced in a vacuum.

I want to give a very special shout out to those that made it work...

Porter Paquot... I've said before, all of us can sing...most of us shouldn't. Porter is one that can truly sing and entertain, listening to her and actually listening to how she takes a song and grows with it and makes it her own is something.

Hexxie and Madame...The Born Again Pagans, just sitting down and jamming... making all of us feel that we are sitting there in Amsterdam at the magic studios "being". I first heard them at soror's tier party some weeks ago and knew I had to hear them again.

There will be images available of the party... Breye has sent me some that I haven't looked at yet, and I know Gramps was taking images as well. I'll let you kno when and who!

If you were there... the reason it all went so perfectly was loegan Magic, the owner of the Kasbah and Speakeasy live music venues in Secondlife. I had discussed with Porter about suggestions for putting on this event and she mentioned loegan. It goes back to something I learned so many years ago...any time some one does something for a living....there's a trick to it or we would all do it.******

******************** Visitor number 10,000 ****************** This is a result of a few things... first among those things are those of you that log in and visit this page.

I just looked, according to this page there were 50 million blogs in July 2006, and I know some get tens of thousands of visitors everyday... I will certainly never have that much to say. That I say anything about myself or Secondlife that so many of you are interested in is something I would never have believed 14 months ago.

I try to write something every other day.... and I hope I write about things that are relevant in our lives...not just word clutter.

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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