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Thursday, September 9, 2010

First, AM Radio....Second,Wondering about stuff

Just a short post today... I still feel like heck, serious infections just really whip my butt. The day started out well enough....Victoria, Bubbles, and I went to AM Radios sim..... Such an interesting place.

************************************* While I was there I got an IM from Boyd about the newest "Message of the Day"... you know that rather shameless message from The Benevolent Monarchy you see as you log on. Boyd gave me the was a place where there is free advertising for all manner of land sales and rentals. Well...yes, it's free... provided you own 25 sims minimum.

My first clue I might be in over my head was one of two very large signs advertising that a certain company had over 17 million meters of land for sale/rent.

It's my choice to have roughly half my main island as public land so that leaves approx 32,000 meters for rent/sale. There is another 10,000 meters of homestead land that's available, and that leaves approx. 50,000 meters in open water for each homestead.

I have recently read that there are roughly 13000 estate owners, one of which has 1500 regions.

Curious, if you own 25 you need The Benevolent Monarchy to give you free advertising?

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda




  1. Well that sucks. If it's any consolation, I went twice and was the only person there both times.

    Obviously, these mega land owners are providing LL with a big portion of their income, and require the least amount of human interaction.

    Putting up a region for them to show their billboards was a fairly painless way to try and keep these guys happy, but it doesn't look like it's going to be all that effective as far as actually connecting tenants to landlords.

  2. Heck no Boyd..there were 3 there when I stopped by....Myself ,a friend. and a nooblet.
    Ah well...and I think that's perfect, more wasted effort by the labbies.
    Lets see, let me scratch "catering to Mega bucks" off the list (can't fix lag, can't fix viewer, can't fix sim crossing ,and ,and ,and

    You know, much as I might whine...I got "quality problems" =^..^=