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Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Kinds of a Virtual World Life...

******************************Where we come from****************************** ****************************************************************************

Bits and pieces... So often much of the thoughts for what I write just fall in front of me and become obvious. That is the case today. These last few days I've found reasons to rezz a few of my alt accounts... and when I clicked "go home" with one of them, I saw the home position for that account is still set at my first home in Secondlife. At one time I owned over 8,000 meters at Arrazura and while the Northeast corner of any estate can be the same... that region will always have a place in my heart, though at my last count that region has been resold three times and has had three different names. The feeling I got is the same feeling I know Mucaro has about Benares. She had recently sent me a note telling me she was homesick and last evening she stopped in to see those of us that were chatting on the West shore. When I told her some of the latest news about our mutual friends and how some are struggling with serious health issues, she commented on the very real emotional attachments we make in Secondlife. As I rezzed one of the alts that I had used while mentoring on the old Help Islands I heard my friend Barbara say how nostalgic the site of that avatar made her, even though she knew it was still me. Caro asked about many but made a special point to ask about Andor. Andor is a man that appears so unassuming, he doesn't portray the stereotypical Incredible Hulk body shape we so often see, yet everyone that ends up on the parcel he owned at East retains the parcel name...Bliss. He spent a long time at Benares.... and still returns. I see he's rezzed a lantern at a special place he occasionally comes to sit.

Not long ago I quietly sent a guy and IM suggesting that the triple X rated tag over his avatar was inappropriate for a PG area. His answer... Did I understand that the area where he and I were standing seemed to be dedicated to crude, rude, trolling people? And that my use of "secret" IMs was almost proof that I intended to hassle him. Why didn't I mind my own business? Of course my explanation that my IMs were intended to see he wasn't publicly embarrassed left him with the opportunity to tell me that there was no way he would be embarrassed by what happened in a virtual world..... OK, what about those young people that have recently joined us on the grid? So what?

Hmmm... which kind of virtual world would you rather have? I wonder how many people such as he will end up staying. Longevity here in virtual worlds has benefits... I have learned so much about "you"... and therefore so much about "me".

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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  1. I am always appalled by inappropriate comments and behavior. I still am unpleasantly amused by those 2 clowns I banned last month. I was lucky to have seen them from radar (Thank you, Phoenix!).

    Has Andor been back recently? Bless his heart and soul.