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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Privacy & Courtesy...

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I've had something happen yesterday that really surprised me. It has to do with a question of privacy.
Now I understand that there is no expectation of privacy in Secondlife... legally. And that's why I took a security orb off of my house. My house sits just a few meters away from our telehub as well as not that far from 128/128, the default landing spot on any region. When new people come exploring it's not unusual for them to promptly wander into my house. When I was new, that bothered me no end... today, not so much. I'm rather proud of my single room and it's fantastic view. And if these new people turn out to be a pain.... poooof, they're gone never to return.
Having said all that, I do understand why people do get upset about people prowling around. Perhaps it's my age, but I believe that everyone should have an expectation of courteous behavior. What got me about the report I got from a resident yesterday was that those "investigating" her house weren't nooblets and they have both have had houses in Secondlife. The rational was that since the house in question was a skybox... normal conventions of courtesy didn't apply.
Because of my age I suspect you know how well that went over with me =^..^= Being a curious person (as well as taking a bet on the results), I did a poll of my residents.
Only two people out of the fifteen {now twenty @18:00 hours} that answered said no to a question about if skyboxes were private, and one of those said that courtesy should still rule.
I won't pursue further research... but my guess is that real life age has something to do with whether or not someone would find doing something in virtual worlds acceptable just because they could, rather than following a sense of propriety. I also won't chat about "common courtesy" or the lack of in that life where I sleep.
I don't mean help a lil old lady across the street... how about please and thank you.
Oh well, just mumbling... And so it goes
My love to you all, (even SL prowlers) brinda

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  1. That incident was unfortunate. Even though I feel like Benares is my home, I don't wander into people's homes without asking. I admit that I used to, but I have since realized that it's rude and others might not welcome the intrusion. If I do tp to someone and find that they're not alone, I blush and get out as fast as I can. That rarely happens, but it does.

    Speaking of no privacy, did you hear that now our profiles are on It's called web profiles. I don't like it and it was discussed heatedly at last night's Phoenix 201 class. I don't have anything bad in my profile, but I think that if you're not a SL member, you shouldn't be able to see anyone's SL profile. Seeing SL profiles is a privilege that is granted SL residents, not outsiders. I am still looking for the privacy tab.